How to make a Swedish torch without a chainsaw

If you’re looking for an ingenious and practical way to stay warm in the woods, go no further than a Swedish fire log. It is also known as a Swedish candle, Swedish torch, or Finnish log stove. Don’t worry about how to make a Swedish torch without a chainsaw. In the article, you learn how to make a Swedish torch without a chainsaw.

Swedish Torch
A Swedish Torch

Swedish torch without a chainsaw is a favorite camping hack of slackers everywhere because it requires zero maintenance and provides hours of warmth with minimal effort. It helps you to burn a log clean and even without any care. It is helpful if you need more time for a fire pit, have limited wood, or want to do some cooking. The Swedish fire torch is a time- and labor-saving device. If you’re camping and want to save time gathering dry wood, just bring one Swedish fire torch.

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Swedish Torch Without Chainsaw

The ability to construct a high-quality Swedish torch is an impressive skill. It would typically require a chainsaw. But you’ll find instructions for how to make a Swedish torch without a chainsaw here.

How to make a Swedish Torch without a chainsaw

Step 1: Find smaller logs and cut them down.

You probably won’t find any cleanly hewn wood if you’re in a survival crisis. Track down smaller logs and sticks, nothing thicker than a human leg. Compile any wood shavings or bark you can find. You can stuff these down to improve ventilation when you stand the torch upright.

Step 2: Make the Logs the Same Length

By arranging the logs close to each other, you can get them to the same length.

Step 3: Tie the logs in a bundle using a paracord or string.

Once you have ten cut-down logs, bundle them together so they may be propped up like a single vertical log. This log will burn, so you can tie it with a paracord if you like, but you won’t be able to reuse the rope.

Step 4: Pull out any foreign object into the log.

Extract any internal organs or other garbage blocking your view of the collected log. To examine the spine, one must first locate any internal organs in the way, then carefully remove them using one’s fingers. Doing so will unlock it so you can examine its contents.

Step 5: Lighting the Swedish torch.

After you’ve set up your torch, it’s time to use all the tinder and kindling you gathered. To start the log, stuff it with dry leaves and the smallest kindling you have. The flame will consume the log, but the twigs and branches underneath will catch fire and grow the blaze. Adding wood to the top and blowing air into the base of the logs allows you to control the flame’s intensity.

The Wood Most suitable for Swedish Torch without Chainsaw Is?

Pine, fir, or spruce are great options for your checklist Swedish fire log because they burn more quickly than hardwood. The wood must be at an ideal moisture level, neither too dry nor too wet. Overly dry wood will burn too rapidly, while damp wood will make lighting your Swedish fire log difficult and produce a lot of smoke. Use a wood moisture meter to find logs with a maximum residual moisture of 20% for your do-it-yourself project.

Once lit, the Swedish Torch-Creating Effect Like Chimneys

A Swedish fire log is a torch that does not quickly consume its surroundings. The log’s vertical slots make this possible by drawing in cool, oxygen-rich air from below as the hot air rises away from the torch, creating a “chimney effect.” The wood burns slowly, creating a lot of heat and a nice light; it’s a practical design that was supposedly developed by the Swedish army.

The Swedish Torch Without a chainsaw Advantages

There are many campfire options. Still, the Swedish Fire Log has a few features that make it stand out, especially for cooking purposes. Here are some of the advantages a Swedish torch without a chainsaw provides.

Efficient Use of Wood – The Swedish Fire Log can create a directional flame that burns inside out by strategically arranging the wood from a single log.

Flat Surface for Cooking – By setting the log with its flat end down, you’ll have a level surface on which to complete your cooking. This flat area can support a water kettle, Dutch oven, or cast-iron pan, depending on the size of your log.

Fast, Usable Flame – It’s preferable to wait until a typical campfire has burned down to embers before using it for cooking, as the flames are difficult to control before that point. More than an hour may pass before you finish this. The Swedish Fire Log can help you get dinner on the table in under 20 minutes by focusing on the fire’s heat.

Maintains Fire Elevation – When the ground is damp or covered in snow, it might be challenging to build a typical campfire, even with dry wood. For starters, the Swedish Fire Log technique lifts the fire off the ground, where it is more susceptible to being extinguished by evaporating water.

Self-Ventilating: Normally, in traditional campfires, you have to pay regular attention. But in the Swedish Fire Log, it can sustain itself once lighted. Logs are burned bottom-up as embers fall from the burning surface. The slits on the side are constantly bringing fresh air into it.


Making your fire pit couldn’t be easier than using a Swedish Torch. It’s simple to create, produces a robust and steady flame, and looks fantastic!

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