Kayak Grip Tape for paddles is advanced gear. For novices or infrequent kayakers, it may be a lifesaver.

Your perfect kayak paddle feels good in your hands. Every skill level may benefit from kayak paddle grip tape.

What’s Kayak grip tape? 

Grip tape improves grasp and friction on kayak paddle shafts; it goes over the portion you grip, reduces blisters, keeps hands warm, and adds durability.

Even if you’re well-trained and have God-like kayaking abilities, paddling for lengthy durations causes discomfort. Paddle grips provide comfort and control so you can glide longer and more successfully. It’s enjoyable until you lose control of your paddle in the water. 

Why do We need kayak grip tape?

For this, paddles have grip tape. There are a lot of quick fixes: bicycle handles, tennis racket grips, regular electrical tape, ice hockey stick tape, heat-shrink tubing, and so on. Some swear by surfboard wax or gently sanding the shaft.

But a good grip tape for paddles has advantages you can’t beat in terms of material, application, and usefulness.

Parts of Kayak’s Paddle/Where do you apply Kayak Grip tape?

Kayak paddles consist of various pieces.

ShaftGrip ThroatBladeFeruleDrip Ring

You may dismantle dismountable paddles into these sections before a trip.

Parts of the Kayak's paddles

You attach kayak paddle grips or grip tape to the shaft at the neck on both sides.

How do you Tape Kayak Paddles Correctly?

Best Kayak Grip Tape that you can Buy

Burnwater Fusion Kayak Grip Tape for paddles

Burnwater grip tape is a high-quality and affordable paddle grip tape. In fact, it is made for watersports. Moreover, it is made from a silicone substance that outperforms adhesive or wax adhesives for better performance. If you like kayaking, consider this pedal device.

Burn water grip tape leaves no sticky or adhesive residues. In addition, adhesiveness is one of its best characteristics.

Its triangular form, when folded, creates a ridge-free smooth grip. This tape makes holding and moving pedals easy and comfortable while kayaking. 

The tape is also quite sturdy, so it will last a long time to improve your grip once you wrap it around your kayak pedals. Burnwater’s promise: Once put, you never need to alter the tape.

However, Burnwater paddle grip tape is great for kayaks, dragon boats, canoes, outriggers, and SUP paddles.

Specs:36 inches per roll of tape 
It comes in seven different colours 
Perfect for all paddle sports
48″ of tape wraps, 10″ of shaft
Package Weight: 50grams
Dimension: 5.04 x 2.64 x 1.65 inches
Burnwater Fusion Kayak Grip  Tape for Paddles
Burnwater Fusion Tape
It only adds little to the shaft’s diameter.Cleaning this grip tape is difficult.
Very sturdy grip tape that won’t wear outOrder 2 rolls for both sides
Installation is easyIt does not attract sand or other abrasive
This tape provides a smooth paddle grip for kayaking and other water activities.Tape and paddle lose hold when water gets between them.
No Need for the gloves

Hornet Watersports Silicone Kayak Grip Tape

If you want the most excellent silicone grip tape for your kayak pedals, use Hornet Watersports Grip Tape. It is one of the finest kayak paddle tapes on the market. This grip tape works well on kayak paddles.

Hornet Watersports silicone grip tape comes with six rolls, each 2 meters long, enough to hold up to 18 kayak paddles, making it excellent for groups. In addition, you may use them on the dragon boat and canoe paddles.

First, if you do it correctly, it’ll be quick. Secondly, you may find full recording instructions on YouTube. Carbon fibre, which is inherently slippery in water, kayak paddles will benefit from this grip tape.

In addition, the Hornet Watersports tape will help you retain a secure hold. Furthermore, this grape is a fantastic replacement for wax. The latter may leave your hands sticky.


The most significant thing is that this Hornet Watersports grip tape for your kayak pedal comes in various colours. Pink, red, blue, black, yellow, and straightforward. This silicon grip tape not only works well on kayaks, canoes, dragon boats, and other paddles.

Furthermore, you may apply one roll to two or three paddles, which are 1 inch broad by 78 inches long. Hence, you don’t need different rolls for each paddle set. This tape self-adheres, so there’s no glue or adhesive. Hornet provides 100% satisfaction.

SpecsIt comes in a variety of colours
six rolls, each 78″ in length and 1″ in width
100% guarantee
One roll can produce approximately 2-3 grips
Dimension:  ‎5.31 x 2.6 x 1.3 inches
Hornet Watersports Silicone Kayak Grip Tape
Easy to install on the paddlesIf the tape gets too wet, you might lose a little grip.
No sticky residue while removing the tape
High durability and firm grip
This tape can cover 2-3 kayak paddles.
It comes in six bright colours.
Has easy-to-follow directions

Core Prodigy Fusion Grip Tape

Another non-slip padded Core Prodigy Fusion grip tape prevents slippage and absorbs stress. Self-fusing, so removing the tape won’t leave adhesive on the paddle shaft. Sweat-and-water-resistant.

Stretch-and-seal self-fusing silicone tape, not adhesive, provides a sticky grip. It remains securely attached over time but can be easily removed whenever desired.

When you need a grip tape that won’t let go of your fingers and has a little bit of shock absorption built in, go for Core Prodigy Fusion.

Superb for use as a wrap-around sporting and household items handle. Get a firm hold on your hockey stick, baseball bat, lacrosse stick, tools, handlebars, and more, whether in the weight room or out on the field.

American workers produce all the Fusion Grip Tape sold here. The highest quality standards are used in inspecting each product. To put it simply, if you are unhappy in any way, they will fix it.

SpecsSize: 20 inches (10 ft), 70 inches (36ft)
Material: Rubber
Adhesive-free Silicon grip Tape
Grip with a bit of padding
Core Prodigy Fusion grip Tape
Made of high-quality Silicon materialExpensive
Provide a long-lasting sweat-free gripPlastic is too sticky
A bit of Shock absorption 
It seems Pretty, though, for a thin tape.
Adhesive-free, Soft, Comfortable & Durable

Silicon Rubber Tommy Tape Grip 

Tommy Tape grip wrap tape is high-quality and ideal for kayak pedals. According to internet evaluations, this is one of the finest and most dependable kayak grip tapes you can buy.

The Tommy tape grip is manufactured with specialized ridges that provide a firm yet comfortable hold. As a result, this grip tape makes kayaking comfortable and blister-free.

Moreover, the grippy tape is created from durable silicone that won’t slide or break the bank. Quick-drying, and waterproof, it maintains its integrity in icy and scorching conditions. Helpful in avoiding blisters and enhancing grip. It works with shafts of any size.

Even during vigorous kayaking, the tape stays adhesive and lets you grasp the pedals easily. Tommy Tape grip wrap tape is fantastic because it rapidly dries after exposure to moisture, which is helpful since it effectively repels salts and liquids from chemicals or perspiration. This kayak grip wrap tape has excellent UV resistance and won’t fade in the sun.

It can tolerate extreme heat and cold when wrapped around your pedals. This tape is durable and will last a long time without trouble.

This Tommy tape is easy to attach to surfaces other than kayak pedals and has a wide range of potential uses. For example, you can use this tape on grab railings and bars, ladders, baggage, fishing rods, bats, tennis racket grips, bicycle handlebars, lacrosse sticks, and golf pull carts.

Specs:Material: Rubber
Dimensions: 4.13 x 3.58 x 1.57 inches
Excellent for UV Resistance
Withstand freezing conditions up to -65F
Withstand intense heat up to +500F.
Repels chemicals from salt water or sweat
Available in a variety of colours
Silicon Rubber Tommy Tape grip
Leaves no sticky residue if ever removedNo chance of any adjustments if you want to make
Dries quickly, Long lasting gripWill come undone over time
Versatile tape for other sports equipment besides kayak paddlesIt does not unstick from itself, do not let it touch itself until you wrap it. 
Affordable price
It provides a good paddle grip in any weather.

Seal Self Fusing Silicon Grip Tape

Although seal self-Fusing silicon tape isn’t designed for use in water, it has everything you’d need for any water sport. 

Self-fusing, black silicon tape is one inch wide and fifteen feet long that can withstand rain, snow, heat, chemicals, and more.

It is made of silicon, impervious to moisture, heat, chemicals, and salt water. Self-fusing tape eliminates the need for glue and can be easily removed once it has fused.

Silicon tape doesn’t need glue since it melts on contact without needing messy adhesives or sticky residues; all you have to do is wrap it and overlap it.

Soft and stretchy silicon tape that sticks to various surfaces is excellent for fixing appliances’ hoses.

SpecsWorking Temperature range -65F to 500F
Dimensions: 2.6 x 5.2 x 1.2 inches
It comes in black colour
Material: Silicon, Rubber
Available in two options 
Seal Self  Fusing Silicone Tape
Complete guidelines on how to use itAvailable only in one colour
Self-adhesive when it touches itselfThe adhesive is not much good
Easily removable
Weather resistant

Things to Remember When buying Kayak Grip Tape

Here, we explain the important things to look for in a grip. Before picking a paddle grip, consider your rowing style.

Material Durability

Paddle grips may be created from different materials, giving you additional options. If you want a long-lasting paddle grip and plan to use it regularly, use a washable material.

However, Neoprene, a synthetic elastic, may help warm your hands in cold weather. It’s one of the most used materials for paddle grips due to its weather resistance.

Another item to consider is the level of padding the material has. If you want to be more comfortable, get a thick paddle grip. If you only want a grip, pick one with minimal padding or grip tape.


You can remove the paddle grip while not in use. Some paddle grips are removable, while others are permanent. After each rowing session, you may want to remove your paddle grip. Removable kayak pads are more versatile since boats or cane paddles use them.


Paddle grips are heavier and stiffer. When rowing for long durations, they may dial you back. A lighter version will increase your movement and protect your hand from rankles.


A well-designed grip will set you apart and boost your confidence. Choose a brilliantly styled kayak tape grip for paddles that makes a statement from afar.


Moreover, cost should be a deciding factor. Nobody wants to spend much money on a product to discover a cheaper alternative. Always choose a value-priced paddle grip.

Size of Paddles

Lastly, paddling might be unpleasant if you purchased a used paddle or underestimated the diameter of your hands. A paddle with a too-small diameter may spin or slip with every stroke. Some individuals expand their paddle’s diameter using grip tape.

Alternatives to Kayak Grip tape 

Paddle GripPaddle grips are cushioned and intended to accommodate your hands when paddling. Different sizes and shapes of the paddles fit best. Some are even hand-attachable. Neoprene can insulate your hands in chilly temperatures.
Paddling GlovesNeoprene is in many paddling gloves. Like a diving suit, they’re waterproof and insulated. They’re grippy and toasty. For more extended tours, you’ll enjoy a pleasant grip without blisters and warm fingertips.
PogiesPogies provide you with greater paddle control than gloves; they’re mittens that connect to the paddle and enable a bare-handed grasp. It warms your hands. Think of them as sleeping bags for your hands.
Paddle WaxPaddle wax prevents sweaty or damp hands from sliding off the paddle. It boosts performance and lowers weariness.
A small coat before the trip and periodic re-waxing on longer journeys give all-day protection.
Lanolin is a natural alternative without additives (therefore, sadly, not vegan). Its distinctive feature is a water-repellent, durable coating that prevents blisters.

To know the best kayak for the money, you may also read the article Best kayaks for the money.

Final Thoughts-Best Kayak Grip Tape

Finally, there’s no doubt that the kayak above paddle grip tape reviews provides valuable insight into some of the finest tapes available for your paddles.

When you take your kayak out on the water, you can rely on its excellent and dependable features to provide you with the most assistance possible. Most of these tapes are available in a rainbow of colours to match the paddles you already own.

Check out the models of grip tape you’re interested in purchasing and compare their features, benefits, and drawbacks before making a final decision. When you have all the information about the video, you can choose the best option for your kayaking needs.


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