This article compares and contrasts the best women’s drysuit for kayaking in 2023 from some of the most trusted brands in the market.

Kayakers wear a dry suit during their paddling to prevent wetness when they are paddling. The combination of watertight materials with gaskets at the neck, wrists, and ankles ensures that no moisture may get inside.

You can spend as much time as you want on the water, even if it means going for a swim, and you’ll still be as dry as you were when you arrived.

Consequently, a drysuit is an excellent safety precaution while kayaking to prevent wetness and potential injury. Moreover, drysuits are intrinsically more adaptable because of their looser fit and because you may adjust the warmth depending on the layers worn below.

Best Women’s Drysuit for Kayaking 

Here are the best women’s dry suits for kayaking concerning quality, convenience, and durability.

Typhoon Women’s Ezeedon Drysuit

Typhoon Women’s Ezeedon Drysuit is designed for women, with the smallest size being appropriate for 5 feet and 2 inches women with a 34 inches chest size. Also, they have plus sizes, with the LR size fitting ladies who are 5 feet and 8 inches tall and have a 46 inches chest.

The four-layer construction makes it waterproof while yet allowing air to circulate. Additionally, its light weight makes it easy to wear and move around.

The water-resistant transparent pocket on this drysuit is perfect for using maps on the phone.

A diagonal front zipper and built-in suspenders make it easy to put on and take off. The Glideskin neoprene neck and cuff seals are soft and comfortable and do a great job of keeping the water out.

And whether you like to sit or kneel in your kayak, you’ll appreciate the increased durability of the PU-reinforced knees and seat.


Highly waterproof and breathable fabricExpensive compared to other drysuits
Lightweight, comfortable, and durableLimited color and size options

Care Instructions: 

Kokatat Women’s Hydrus Swift Entry Dry Suit

The Kokatat Women’s Hydrus Swift Entry Dry Suit is an excellent choice for any female kayaker who wants reliable protection from the elements while paddling. This dry suit is designed to offer women a comfortable and secure fit.

It’s built with the same Hydrus 3.0 patented three-layer fabric that gives the original jacket its waterproofing and breathability. The gaskets are constructed from latex; the wrist gaskets include hook-and-loop cuffs to allow for a custom fit.


Good fit for tall womenColor choices are limited to only bright blue.
Easy to put on and take offNo waterproof pocket on the drysuit
Safe and secure during kayak fishing
Adjustable waist to fit properly

Care Instructions: 

Kokatat Women’s Idol Gore-TEX Pro DrySuit

The Kokatat Women’s Idol GORE-TEX Pro Dry Suit with SwitchZip technology zips apart at the waist, functioning as a dry suit and a dry top. Moreover, due to the complete separation, the Idol is considerably simpler to put on and take off during paddling excursions.


A comfortable and versatile suitthe pocket can be difficult to reach while wearing the drysuit
Multiple color options

Care Instructions 

Kokatat Women’s Icon Gore-TEX Pro Dry Suit

The Kokatat Women’s Icon GORE-TEX Pro Dry Suit pushes the limits of whitewater performance. It was made with the help of whitewater kayaking world champions. The flexible waterproof rear entrance zipper stretches and bends with you so that you can take on even the most challenging exercises without discomfort.


Best drying materialLimited color options
Durable, reliable, functional material
Can customize the suit according to the requirement

Care Instructions 

Kokatat Women’s Odyssey Gore-TEX Pro Dry Suit

Kokatat Women’s Odyssey GORE-TEX Pro Dry Suit – Purpose-built to manage the unpredictable circumstances off-shore, the Kokatat Women’s Odyssey GORE-TEX Pro Dry Suit gives sea kayakers adaptive, durable waterproof protection. It includes everything you might need for a voyage at sea.

It has a hood, suspenders, additional storage, a rear drop seat relief zipper, and a long-wearing, robust GORE-TEX Pro fabric. 


Durable MaterialLittle expensive compared to other drysuits
Easy put off and take off
Long lasting gaskets

Care Instructions 

Cressi Women’s Drylastic Dry Suit

Cressi Women’s Drylastic drysuit is designed for cold or ice water use. The 4-mm pre-compressed neoprene provides a snug, custom fit, and hydrodynamics comparable to a wetsuit. Boots that fit perfectly and provide just enough positive buoyancy for the legs to be comfortable. You can adjust the inner suspenders, and a flap protects the outside zip. Sliding intake shutoff valve that may rotate to any position. The release valve is fully adjustable. Exceptionally soft “hi-stretch” neoprene is used in the sensitive areas of the neck and wrists for superior comfort. 


Cressi Women's Drylastic Dry Suit
High-quality material Available only in white and black color
It looks like a wet suit
The profile design  needs less air, lead, and thermal

Care Instructions 

NRS Women’s Axiom Gore-TEX Pro Dry Suit

The NRS Women’s Axiom GORE-TEX Pro Dry Suit is a great option for kayakers, paddlers, and other water sports enthusiasts, thanks to its waterproof and breathable design. A dry suit is a great way to ensure comfort and safety while on the water.

You can elevate this dry suit by using GORE-TEX Pro fabric, and it has a classic front-entry style with minimal extras.

GORE-TEX Pro features a lower-impact DWR and dope-dyed backer material to decrease water use, pollution, and energy consumption. 100% recycled nylon made the face fabric.

Water trapped between the latex gasket and the neoprene over cuffs is released via rigid but flexible mesh openings beneath the wrists and neck.


Comfortable and warmLimited colors options
High-quality drysuitLittle expensive
Dry and durable
Slim fit to the body
Drysuit comes with fabric socks

Care Instructions 


The Mustang Survival Helix Dry Suit + CSS has kept us dry and comfortable when kayaking in chilly waters. The Helix’s neoprene cuffs and CSS adjustable neck system keep water out entirely, and the suit’s marine-specific three-layer material is waterproof and breathable. Mustang Survival added 500-denier Cordura reinforcements to the seat, knees, and socks to make them last through any flatwater or whitewater expedition. It is because durability is vital in exploring challenging rivers or harsh coastal regions.


Durable material Neoprene wrist cuffs are not much durable
Slim fit to the bodyLimited color variety
Adjustable neck for comfort
Low maintenance, no upkeeps on gaskets

Care Instructions 

Characteristics oF the best Women’s Drysuit for Kayaking

The best women’s drysuit for kayaking should have some of the characteristics given below:

How to Choose the Best Women’s Drysuit for Kayaking: BUYING GUIDE OF DRYSUITS

1. Material-What are dry suits for kayaking made of?

Drysuits are made of materials that are waterproof and, ideally, breathable. To be more specific, however, what construction choices do you have? A dry suit for kayaking should be waterproof, insulating, and breathable. 

You may choose Gore-Tex or nylon. Many kayaking drysuit manufacturers developed unique laminate materials that work almost the same as Gore-Tex but are affordable.

In a nutshell, these are the most widely used materials:

Gore-Tex: Expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) makes this laminate fabric robust and durable. Since it’s breathable, you can use it to make high-end kayaking dry suits. Gore-Tex is the best material for breathability and durability. Therefore, the additional expense is usually worth it.
Nylon: This is common in cheaper dry suits. Urethane-coated nylon textiles, which are nylon with a waterproof coating, are less breathable yet waterproof. The dry suit may sweat, causing moisture buildup.
Proprietary Laminate Materials: Two layers of fabric and a membrane make the material that keeps water out but lets air come inside. Brands created these materials as cheaper alternatives to Gore-Tex, although they’re usually less breathable.

Most dry suits are composed of tear-resistant nylon. Some of these suits have had a hydrophilic chemical treatment applied to the nylon, making it more resistant to water absorption.

The best material to choose is usually one that can withstand water.

2. Fit 

In general, you may choose between a tight and a loose fit. The fit you’ll need for kayaking will be determined by the temperature of the water you’ll be paddling in.

A loose-fitting drysuit is best for kayaking in cold water or when there is a significant chance of immersion. 

If, on the other hand, you’re kayaking in warmer circumstances with less immersion danger, use a tighter fit. It reduces bulk and improves comfort.

 3. Seals

Seals, often called gaskets, are essential to any dry suit you want to use for kayaking.

No matter how high-quality the material a drysuit is made from if it has strong seals.

In many cases, latex or neoprene may use to make them. While latex may be more effective in keeping water out of your suit, neoprene may be more pleasant to wear.

Sometimes, you may obtain dry suits combining latex and neoprene benefits.

4. Breathability 

Some drysuits include Gore-Tex or eVent breathable linings. These drysuits have breathable linings that enable perspiration vapors to escape without allowing water inside.

Breathability is especially relevant for kayakers since perspiring heavily within a non-breathable drysuit may significantly reduce the thermal clothing’s capacity to keep you warm during strenuous activity.

Choose a dry suit with a breathable liner wherever feasible.

5. Entry Type

Drysuits have a bad rap for being difficult to do. Choose a product with an entry type you’re familiar with to reduce stress.

Drysuits typically feature either rear or front zip access.

Most people choose a front-entry drysuit because it’s simpler to put on alone. Rear entrance dry suits usually need a kayaking partner.

In recent years, Kokatat’s SwitchZip two-part drysuits, which link at the waist, have been popular. 

If you have a spray skirt and want to avoid wearing a complete drysuit, they are a better option since they are easy to put on and take off and provide additional advantages for kayakers.

6. Colors

Even though the color doesn’t often register with you, it may become significant if you ever need assistance. In general, lighter colors are easier to see than their darker counterparts. However, some drysuits contain reflective strips than can increase visibility.

7. Warranty 

In terms of expense, dry suits are usually second only to your kayak. For this reason, you should look for a dry suit with at least a one-year warranty.

This guarantee usually won’t cover normal wear and tear, but it will protect you if something like the waterproof lining, seals, or waterproof zippers stop working because of poor quality.

Additional Features to Consider for the Best Women’s Drysuit for Kayaking

While every drysuit will have certain features, some will come in handy more for kayakers than others. Here are some features to consider for the best women’s drysuit for kayaking.

Waterproof PocketsIt provides a secure place to keep valuables like a phone or keys and essentials like a GPS or flares.
Nylon LoopsA common feature of cold-water fishing drysuits is a set of nylon gear loops. With these, a fisherman can store all his gear organized and within quick reach.
Reflective StripsReflective Strips on brightly colored kayak drysuits are a significant safety element that increases visibility and may be vital in emergency rescue operations.
HoodsIf you kayak in rainy and windy circumstances, built-in or detachable hoods may aid.
Reinforced Patches in High Wear AreasAdded reinforcement in critical areas, such as the knees, elbows, and seat, increases the drysuit’s overall durability.
Built-in- Dry SocksInstead of ankle gaskets, built-in dry socks keep your feet dry and toasty. Nevertheless, for maximum protection, you can use neoprene booties. 

How do I know if the best women’s drysuit for kayaking is Fit for me?

Due to their one-piece construction, dry suits might be challenging to obtain in the correct size. With that in mind, consider the following while fitting a new kayaking drysuit:

Read the drysuit’s size guide before purchasing. The sizing of different brands and models may vary significantly.

You can review the best kayak for the money from the link.

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