Can a Kayak Fit in a Car?

Yes, transporting a kayak in a car is possible but it depends upon the type of car and kayak you have. Kayaks are made for different purposes, like recreational, sea touring, inflatable kayaks, etc. Some of them fit in particular cars while others can’t. 

If you are planning to transport a vessel in your car, you must consider the size and type of the kayak that’s capable of such transportation. Let’s see how a kayak can fit in a car! 

Will A Kayak Fit Inside My Car?

Answer to the question: ” will a kayak fit inside my car?” is not straightforward. Some kayaks can fit in a car while others can’t fit into it. Also, different car models have different inner space and roof sizes. All this affects transporting a kayak via your car.

Different kayak types come in different lengths and widths. Also, they have different weights that also affect the carrying process.

One more thing that affects such transport means is the roof rack system of the car you’re using to carry a mini boat. If there is no other option except using a car to carry your vessel, follow the tips given in the next section for an effective process. 

How To Pick The Right Kayak For Your Car?

If you are planning to invest in a kayak capable of transporting via a car, you should focus on factors like kayak length, width, weight, etc. Here is a detailed note on different type of kayaks along and other factors that one should consider when purchasing an easy movable kayak; 

If you want to carry your kayak on a car, you should consider its weight, length, and width accordingly. Focus on these factors when choosing the right kayak type for your car; 

Ensure your car’s roof rack is capable of carrying the kayak’s weight. 

Decide the kayak’s size depending on the length of car. 

Your car’s weight bearing capacity should align to that of the kayak. 

Mostly, kayaks weigh up to 100 pounds or more. But you should consider the weight when arranging it to carry via your car. Check the manufacturer’s instructions about the car’s weight carrying capacity before loading the kayak on it. 

When loading a kayak on the car, ensure the kayak’s length should align to that of the car. Different kayaks have different lengths, here is a note on it; 

Kayak Type Length in Feet
Recreational Kayak10-12
Day Touring Kayak12-24
Touring Sea or Ocean Kayak14-23
Foldable Kayak10-14
Inflatable Kayak6-17
Tandem Kayak10-17

Aftermarket car roof racks are stronger than the factory installed rack. So, carrying the kayak largely depends upon the roof type you have. There are two roof rack types: crossbar and J-cradle. J-cradle type is identical for heavy racks while crossbar roof rack is great for carrying normal weighted kayaks. 

How To Secure A Kayak Inside a car? 

Tools and Equipment: 

Steps to Follow: 

  1. If your car has foldable seats, start by folding them. 
  2. Flip the kayak on its side and fit it in the car. 
  3. Ensure the cockpit is facing the front and you have covered the vessel with soft blankets or towels to protect the car sides. 
  4. Use any of the ratchet or camp straps or rope to secure the kayak within the car. There should be no oscillation or vibration in the kayak; otherwise, it will damage the car interior. 
  5. Secure the kayak on the roof rack if its length is more than the inner space. 

When To Transport a Kayak In Your Car?

If you’re an offshore resident but water sport lover, you should transport a kayak in your car when heading toward the water destinations. This way you can enjoy your water activities even being so far from your home. But ensure you abide by the rules and preventive measures to securely carry your mini boat in your car. 

Can you drive while the trunk is open, it is legal?

Yes, it’s legal for most of the places to drive your car with its trunk open. In states that allow driving with an opened trunk, you should have a red flag on the end to warn other drivers. 

But don’t dare driving with an open trunk in prohibited areas; otherwise, you may have to face penalties. Also, some states don’t allow doing this. So, be aware of the rules and regulations of your driving area. 

Can You Transport A Kayak In Your Car?

Yes, you can transport a kayak in most of the car models. However, it largely depends upon the size of the kayak and the weight bearing capacity of the car. 

Some mini cars are capable of carrying low weight kayaks, so use them to carry a small boat. While some models, like SUVs, can transport even heavy kayaks. So, use such vehicles when transporting larger sized vessels. 

Is it easy to transport a kayak in a car?

Yes, it’s simple and easy to transport a kayak in a car. However, it largely depends upon the way you load a kayak on the car. If you don’t properly fit it to the car roof, you may have to face certain trouble or even damage. So, keep in mind that loading largely affects the overall transportation of the kayak via a car.

Can you transport a Kayak using an SUV?

Yes, you can transport a kayak using an SUV. Mostly, SUVs have larger spaces and sturdy roof racks. So, you can carry a variety of kayaks using such a vehicle. But ensure you properly load and secure your kayak onto the SUV roof when transporting. 

Can you transport a Kayak using a Minivan? 

Yes, minivans are capable of transporting small sized kayaks. But a large sized kayak can’t fit into such a car. If you dare load a heavy kayak on a minivan, it can damage the roof or any other part. 

What are the easiest and simplest means of transporting kayaks?

The easiest and simplest way to transport a kayak around is by using a trailer. These trailers are easy to move and you can easily tow them with your SUV or car. Moreover, loading and unloading your boat on such a trailer is pretty easy and simple. 


In conclusion, can a kayak fit in a car? Yes, a kayak can fit in most of the car models and you can transport them using your car. However, there are different kayak types with different lengths, weights, and widths. 

Due to their varying features, these boats fit into different cars. So, ensure that the car you are using to transport a kayak is capable of handling the expected load. This way you can carry your boat safely via a car. 


How do you take a kayak in a small car?

You can transport a kayak in a smaller car using a roof rack, a trailer, or foam blocks. Also, there are inflatable kayaks available in the market that are easy to transport even using minivans or smaller cars. 

Can you fit a kayak in a sedan?

Yes, you can fit a kayak in a sedan using its roof rack. Secure the kayak on the roof properly and then transport it to the intended place. 

How do you transport a kayak in a car without a rack?

Pool noodles and kayak trailers are the best solutions to transport a kayak in a car without a rack. Both these means are safe and easy to move your kayak around without any major concern. 

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