Kayaking is one of the creative ways to explore nature when being in touch with water. During your adventure, you may face different challenges and anchoring your kayak is one of them. 

If you have proper equipment like a trolley, anchoring the kayaks is not a big deal. But the real trouble starts when you don’t have a trolley and other essentials. But it’s never impossible to secure your kayak without trolley. Let’s explore some ideas to anchor a kayak without a trolley! 

Creative Ways to Anchor a Kayak Without a Trolley

Anchoring a kayak without a trolley is practical if you know some ideas. So, don’t panic when you can’t afford or trolley or it’s not feasible to move your trolley to the destination. Here are some creative ways for it; 

1- With a Gripping Hook

Hook your kayak to the grappling hook and drop it into the water. It will stuck to the rock or any other underwater and will not let the kayak move. Simply attach the hook to any of kayak’s handles and drop it into the water after reaching your destination. It will resist the mini boat’s movement. 

2- Via an Anchor Bag 

Anchor bags also help you secure the kayak to the place. These bags are filled with weight that holds the vessel to its place. Simply, fill the bag with any heavy object and drop it into water. 

3- Through a Drag Anchor 

If you don’t have anchoring trolley, a drag anchor can assist you secure the kayak. It has a rope with a heavy metal object attached to the end. The object is thrown into water that will drag into water offering a resistant against the kayak’s movement. 

Types of Anchors

There are different anchors available in the market that suit different users. Choosing the right anchor is very important, so you must know these types. Here are the most popular kayak anchor types; 

Choosing an Anchor

As discussed above, market has different anchor types that fit well to different boar types. So, it’s important to choose the right anchor for you. Here are some tips to select the right anchor for you; 

How Heavy Should a Kayak Anchor Be?

A kayak anchor having weight between 0.5-3 kg is good to use on calm water. However, you can increase the weight up to 3.5 kg or even more when battling with wind, heavy waves, or for deeper water. The anchor size and weight largely depends upon the kayak weight, environmental conditions, and the underwater condition of the anchoring area. 

Choose the Right Spot

Choosing the right spot for anchoring your kayak is very important because it prevents many post anchoring issues. When choosing an area to anchor your kayak, consider the following factors; 

When anchoring your kayak in heavy wind, always choose a point that is well sheltered from wind. Similarly, if the water currents are high, try to choose an area where currents are relatively weaker. 

Always choose a spot with good visibility to anchor your kayak. It will ensure that your kayak is secure and you are not entangled in any obstacle. 

Anchoring a kayak in a busy spot will entangle you in some unforeseen obstacles. So, choose an area with low boat traffic. 

Benefits of Anchoring a Kayak Without a Trolley

Anchoring a kayak without a trolley offers remarkable benefits. Here are the most common advantages of securing your kayak without a trolley; 


In conclusion, anchoring your kayak without a trolley is possible but it will need some practical alternatives. You can use othe means of securing your kayak in the water. There are lots of practical methods to anchor your kayak without a trolley that suit well in different situations. So, it’s good to analyze your anchoring spot before choosing anchor for you. Remember that anchoring spot affects the overall anchoring experience, so choose the area wisely for a safe adventure. 


What is the best way to anchor a kayak?

Most of the kayakers use a grapnel anchor because it’s the most versatile option available. Such an anchor weighs between 1.5-3.5 lb, so these fit well even in rough conditions. 

How heavy should an anchor be for a kayak?

If you are anchoring on flat and smooth water, you can go for an having weight between 1.5-3 kg. However, if the anchoring spot is rough, you can go for a heavier anchor. 

Why do you need an anchor trolley on a kayak?

An anchor trolley is important consideration when anchoring your kayak. These trolleys let you adjust your anchor spot easily if you feel the selected spot is not good. Moreover, you can make adjustments without dragging the anchor from water. 

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