Many people looking for a jet ski prefer having as much speed and power as possible. Thanks to a handshake deal with the United States Coast Guard, the maximum speed of PWC is capped at around 65 mph straight from the factory. Most jet ski owners wish to increase their vehicle’s top speed beyond what was initially designed. 

How to make a Jet Ski Faster?

You can accomplish this in several ways. This comprehensive manual reveals secrets for upgrading your jet ski’s speed and overall coolness. You are free to invest as much time and money as possible. The answer depends on your goals.

If you are confident that the ride will be enjoyable, you should invest effort and money into customizing your jet ski. Don’t waste money on modifications for a jet ski that won’t last if it’s updated or reliable. But if your jet ski is in excellent shape and will endure for years, read on to find out how to make it faster and more powerful.

Setting Override Module for Speed Control

Installing a speed control override module is the first step in upgrading your PWC to reach more significant speed restrictions.

Overshooting the Coast Guard-mandated maximum speed of 65 mph (104.61 kph) is now possible thanks to this module, which disables the jet ski’s GPS speed control limit. With a speed control override module, a top-tier jet ski may reach up to 75 miles per hour (120.70 kilometers per hour). Various models can purchase the module for close to $200. Get in touch with the manufacturer to find out which override modules are compatible with your jet ski.

Override Module for Speed Control for making jet ski faster
Override Module for Speed Control

Upgrading the Jet Ski Impeller

The jet ski impeller is a small but crucial water pump component. It aids the water intake grate—the impeller functions like a propeller on a boat. The water is pushed back, and your ski is propelled ahead. You can increase your jet ski’s top speed by increasing the power of the unit’s impeller.

The factory impeller on your PWC is OK, but it is only sometimes applicable. A SOLAS impeller is a great way to upgrade your PWC’s performance to the next level.

Different types of SOLAS impellers for personal watercraft are available from RIVA. The impellers used in SOLAS vessels have a wide surface area and a distinct geometric blade design. A polished hub and hub end water seal prevent cavitation and are made of high-strength stainless steel. The cost might be anywhere from $190 to $300.

Jet Ski Impeller to increae the speed of Jet ski
Jet Ski Impeller

Switchable Power Filter

The carburetors pull in air and lead it to the combustion system, where it mixes with fuel—the mixture of air and fuel powers your jet ski’s engine. You can install a performance power filter kit on your carburetor. This kit feeds your jet’s engine with the right amount of cool air and will work better than factory-installed restrictive airboxes. Your PWC will perform better with clean gasoline since it will burn cleaner in the atmosphere.

Switchable Power Filter for making the jet ski faster
Power Filter

Remodel the Air Inlet

It is one of the most effective ways to boost the speed of a vehicle. By modifying the air intake, you can boost an automobile’s or off-road vehicle’s speed. Your jet ski shares a feature with these cars—an air intake. The factory air inlet on your vehicle is somewhat restrictive and doesn’t let much air into the engine. To improve your engine’s performance, you should swap the factory intake for an aftermarket one. Your jet ski will run better and sound cooler with aftermarket air intakes.

Upgrading the exhaust system for better performance

Aftermarket jat skies exhaust systems are necessary if more air is introduced. The stock exhaust system on your PWC is too tight, limiting its performance. Although there are many options for aftermarket exhaust systems, it’s essential to remember that some may necessitate extensive modifications to your jet ski.

Install a Fuel Tuner

Fuel tuners let you flash the ECU and eliminate limiting software that keeps your jet ski from achieving its full potential, unleashing its full performance potential. A fuel tuner must require to reach top speeds because many jet skis have a built-in speed limit. Fuel tuners also let you adjust the air-to-fuel ratio to improve your drive.

Fuel tuner for jet ski
Fuel Tuner

Customize the Engine Settings

It would take another post to detail all the possible modifications to a jet ski engine. In the interest of speed, we will only cover the most common of these adjustments. It is possible to upgrade the engine’s output without having to replace any of its components. Seek expert assistance if you need more knowledge or confidence to replace the motor. Valves, the camshaft, cylinders, and the carburetor are all separate components that swap independently.

Use aftermarket sponsors.

Increasing your ride speed will require careful management of your PWC. You can use additional sponsors to increase the safety level at high speed. Even at higher rates, racing sponsors will allow you to maintain better control of your PWC, especially while making sharp turns. These don’t increase top speed, but they make your PWC much more maneuverable.

Reduce the load on your vehicle.

This final piece of advice is for individuals who want to keep their jet skis the same but still need a bit of extra velocity. Lightening the load on your jet ski or any other vehicle is the simplest way to make it go faster. Leaving behind bulky items will allow your jet ski to perform at its full potential.

Jet Ski Speed Booster Kits That Do It All

To boost the speed and performance of your PWC, you will need to replace multiple parts all at once. It sometimes needs to be clarified what to do next. However, most aftermarket suppliers know this reality and provide comprehensive kits.

Many manufacturers name their products in phases or sequential numbers as a standard practice. You can make the PWC faster by choosing a higher-level performance package for your jet ski. Most kits will include the necessary components if you plan to do it yourself.

With the right performance upgrades, your PWC may reach speeds of up to 90 mph (144.84 kph)!

In conclusion, there are several techniques you may employ to give your PWC a speed boost on the waterways. However, it is (often) an expensive process.

In any case, jet skis are already extremely rapid conveyances. It would be hazardous to fall from a jet ski when traveling at high speeds. Maximizing every available nautical mile is a breeze, provided you have the riding skills to handle the high rates.

Be mindful of local rules when upgrading your vehicle for speed and acceleration.

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