Protecting their Jet ski or PWC is one of the owner’s most important tasks. You spent money to keep the ship’s hull in perfect condition. In this post, we’ll go through the specifics of jet ski bumpers so you can enjoy the thrills of personal watercraft without worrying about damaging your jet ski when docking or taking off.

Jet Ski Bumpers

Jet ski bumpers, also known as fenders, are a standard jet skis component and protect the hull from docks, pilings, and other vessels. The jet ski needs a bumper to prevent damage to the vehicle and other nearby watercraft.

Difference Between Bumpers and Fenders

Bumpers and fenders are both helpful in protecting personal watercraft. Boat bumpers are fixed to docks, and fenders hang from the vessel. You can replace the word “bumper” with “fender” and vice versa. Bumper fenders are another term for these parts. Fenders or bumpers, whatever you prefer, are essential for the safety of your watercraft.

Materials of Jet Ski Bumpers

Due to their design, bumpers can absorb impact and prevent damage. Rubber, foam, vinyl, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) can all serve as the bumper’s protective outer covering. Some materials may be more suited to your project than others. If you drop something on a soft surface, that smooth surface will bend and absorb all the stress. As a result, they can keep the boat safe from harm, whether from a collision or from being tied up improperly. Below, we’ve outlined the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

Types of Jet Ski Bumpers

Jet ski bumpers and fenders have a slightly distinct aesthetic but serve the same purpose. Jet ski bumpers typically fall into one of these categories:

Hull Hunger Jet ski Bumpers:

Because it is hinged and has a hook that slides under the rub rail, the Hull Hugger can be bent and shaped to fit different boats. A strap at the top fastens to a cleat or the ski eye. Also, you can set up the storage area to secure itself when the belt is fastened.

Hook Jet ski bumpers: 

The jet ski bumpers designed by hook resemble a hook. The base tucks under the jet ski’s rub rail. You can place it firmly in place with the help of a suction cup and a line.

Areas that are hinged and can bend to the ski’s contour. Most jet ski bumpers with a hook also include an air pressure regulator on the fender’s inflation valve. It is a huge plus that you can inflate it. You can easily extend it again. You cannot repair non-inflatable ones, so you’ll have to buy a new one when they go flat.

Classic Bumpers:

The Classic Bumper follows the standard, long cylindrical form used on boats of all sizes. You can use the marine rope for attachment rather than suction cups. They come in various sizes and are a decent option for protecting the bottom of your jet ski.

Custom Bumpers: 

The Sea-Doo Spark comes with a fender explicitly designed for it. You can easily install bumpers on the Spark because it has holes in the rub rail for them to fit into it.

Jet Ski Bumpers:

Here are the top jet ski bumpers, along with a discussion of their pros and cons. 

1. Hull Hugr PWC Fender

Product Description

The Hull Hugr PWC Fender is to fit on jet skis and consists of two foam squares hinged together in the middle. This hinge gives the ski flexibility and shields it from the dock and other boats.

Under the rub rail, there is a molded acetyl hook for attachment. A strap and a vinyl hook attach the top to a ski eye. You can use the strap under the seat cover to keep things in place.

Product Specification



Hull Hunger jet ski PWC Fenders/bumpers
Hull Hanger Jet ski PWC Fenders

2. Sea-Doo Spark Snap-in Fenders

Product Description

These Snap-In Fenders are quick and straightforward to install and remove. They were made just for the Sea-Doo Spark. You can securely attach it to your Jet ski using the front and rear pre-molded holes (the Spark is designed with holes already there to snap these into). They are sold in pairs and work exclusively with Spark.

Product Specification



Sea-Doo Jet ski Bumpers
Sea-Doo Spark Snaps in Fenders

3. PWC Contour Bumper with Hook & Strap Set 

Product Description

Maximize the safety of your watercraft with this Bumper kit. This contour fender has a hinged design that makes it an ideal fit for the hulls and sides of PWCs. The hook and strap system guarantees a safe and stable installation. Since they are made of closed-cell foam, these bumpers won’t lose shape. Typically, a PWC fender will have a molded acetyl hook at the rear for easy attachment to the boat. It fastens the fender to the underside of the rub rail. Depending on your PWC, you can use the vinyl-dipped hook, and adjustable strap included to tie the top of the fender to a cleat or ski eye. You can also use the strap and attached rubber block to secure it within the PWC storage compartment. Fenders, straps, and hooks are all included. (Note that each PWC needs two fenders for maximum safety.)

Product Specification 



4. 1066 Personal Watercraft Bumper

Product Description

Use these PWC fenders, and never worry about the sides of your boat again. You are fabricated from marine-grade vinyl, resistant to seawater and UV rays, among other harsh environmental factors. Not a unique fit; the degree of snugness will vary depending on the specifics of your watercraft’s make, model, and year.

Our watercraft (PWC) fenders are to flex and take on the contours of your watercraft. Taylor Made fenders have a ‘hinge’ movement at the bottom, allowing them to attach to the bond flange easily. You can use a regular air pump to inflate and change the pressure of the PWC fender thanks to its rubber football needle valve. The suction cup and securing line comes with a Taylor Made boat fender. Our fenders are for low-speed docking and are unsuitable for high-velocity operations. The Lippert Group, of which Taylor Made is a part, is a significant player in the RV, marine, automobile, commercial vehicle, and building materials markets worldwide. 

Product Specification



1066 PWC bumper
1066 Personal Watercraft Jet ski Bumper

5. Airhead SB-4 Boat Fender

Product Description

The Airhead SB-4 Boat Fender has a long, flexible nylon exterior and a foam-like inside. It’s made specifically for usage on PWCs. Typical Type bumper design. Two huge suction cups at the top and bottom ensure a secure hold on the rub rail. It’s also possible to anchor a line under the seat cushion.

Product Specifications



 Airhead SB-4 Boat Fender/Bumpers
Airhead SB-4 Boat Fender

6. Yamaha PWC Fender

Product Description

Although Yamaha manufactured this bumper, it is compatible with all significant jet ski manufacturers. You may attach it to your ski with the included four-foot rope. It is an excellent jet ski fender unless you have extreme brand loyalty.

These high-quality fenders will keep your Waverunner or boat safe when docked or moored next to another vessel. These bumpers have a rope length of four feet.

Product Specifications

Yamaha Jet ski Bumper
Yamaha PWC Fender

7. Extreme Max 3006.7587 BoatTector Inflatable Fender 

Product Description

Protect your boat without putting a dent in your wallet! BoatTector fenders offer superior protection for your docked ship, taking the beating of wind and waves, so your boat doesn’t have to. The sturdy PVC walls are designed with reinforced ribs and consistent wall thickness for durability and abrasion protection. Each fender has a needle valve to allow you to inflate or deflate the fender to the desired PSI and a molded eyelet to ensure fender longevity and strength. 

Product Specifications



How Many Jets Ski Bumpers Do I Need?

In most cases, two jet ski fenders should be sufficient. It is positioned one on the jet ski’s forward edge and another lower down toward the craft’s rear.

Jet Ski Bumper Installation 

The Jet Ski Bumper is simple to install. It takes less than 30 minutes to install specific Bumpers. There’s no need to call in the pros for this. Installing a bumper on a jet ski should go as follows.

When You Should Put Jet Ski Bumpers

When docking a jet ski, it’s a good idea to equip it with bumpers to prevent damage. As a result, the Jet ski will be safe from scratches and other damage. You may also use the Jet ski bumpers when transporting a jet ski.

Final Thoughts

Instead of taking a chance on costly repairs and trips to the repair shop, it’s best to safeguard your jet ski with some high-quality bumpers.

The sides of your jet ski are vulnerable to damage from collisions with docks and other boats, so bumpers are a must-have accessory. Bumpers protect your jet ski from injury during an accident.

High-strength, durable materials that can withstand repeated impacts are ideal for making bumpers for Jet Skis. It is essential to take proper precautions to avoid leaving unattractive scuff marks on your jet ski after every ride. If you want to know about other jet ski accessories and want to find the best jet ski accessories, you may also check them out.

Make sure you have enough jet ski bumpers and then some.

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