Jet skis are becoming increasingly popular for fishing, but are they effective fishing vessels? We believe they are fantastic if you have the proper jet ski fishing equipment. Selecting reliable jet ski fishing accessories is essential for the security and convenience of your gear.

Finding Jet ski fishing accessories that satisfy your needs for reliability, functionality, and cost is difficult when shopping online. As a first point, know that you have a massive selection of things to pick from. The next step is to decide which jet ski fishing accessories you need.

Putting up a jet ski fishing rig is simple and will change how you fish forever. Only a few essential jet ski fishing accessories are needed to change your watercraft.

Good luck if you must choose the best product from among thousands. In today’s piece, we’ll save you time and energy by suggesting some of the best tools for jet ski fishing so that you may go on the most successful trip yet. With any luck, this compiled list will make selecting your preferred item a breeze.

Best Jet Ski Fishing Accessories:

A fishing rack, cooler, rod holder, fish finder/gps, canopy, boat conversion kit, rescue board, dry bag, solar charger, glove clips,  paddle, and a map are all essential pieces of equipment for a successful day of jet ski fishing.

  1. Integrated Cooler Rack and Fishing Rod Holder for Jet Skis

Said, a fishing rack is a holder for fishing rods that offers a variety of other features. A rack may carry many rods and even a cooler, so it’s not just for one. The stand is often fastened to the PWC’s rear deck. Although the attachment methods vary, most of these are simple to install and remove. An umbrella for a jet ski may be stored in a fishing rod holder, and vice versa.

Integrated Cooler Rack and Fishing Rod Holder for Jet Skis
  1. YETI Cooler Tundra 45

You’ll need a good cooler to keep your food, bait, and, most importantly, your fish fresh and cold. Any appropriately-sized cooler will do, but Yetis are the best of the best. Their popularity attributes to the fact that their coolers last for days without freezing out and are ideal for transporting perishable goods. The fishing rack mentioned above is a perfect size for the 45-quart Yeti.

Be sure the cooler’s dimensions are suitable for your fishing gear. As an alternative to buying a new, larger cooler, you may use pool noodles to fill the space and make it more comfortable to transport your gear.

  1. Casting Rod Holder, Clamp-On, Stainless Steel, Goture

If you plan on doing any fishing from your jet ski, a sturdy rod holder may be the single most important addition you can make. A jet ski’s fishing gear is pointless without a high-quality rod holder. The rod holder will serve as the system’s central component. The term “rod holder” refers to a rack’s barebones counterpart, which does not have shelves. Drilling several rod holders into the fiberglass of your PWC is not something you want to do until required. Instead of drilling holes in your new car, we’ve selected a rod holder that may be mounted on the rear tow hook or passenger rail. You may make your rod holder out of PVC tubing, as many people do, but buying one is preferable. You could save money by building your own, but it would take longer and wouldn’t be as strong.

In terms of essential fishing equipment for a jet ski, a pair of rod holders clamped into the handlebars are about as basic as it gets. Compared to a complete fishing rack, they are much simpler to put on and take off, making them ideal for casual fishermen.

Casting Rod Holder, Clamp-On, Stainless Steel, Goture
  1. Traditional Transducer GPS Fish Finder with Chirp

Modern fishing is about your gear rather than any tradition or gut feeling. Using a fish finder now gives you the most significant advantage. With sonar technology, a fish finder can create an image of the underwater terrain below you. That means you won’t ever have to sit around when there aren’t any fish in the area and hope for a nibble.

While some of the larger models of jet skis sold now have dashboard fish finders, those who didn’t get so lucky may still find great success on the water with a great portable gadget by Garmin. The Garmin Striker 4 is the latest version.

Traditional Transducer GPS Fish Finder with Chirp

The 3.5-inch screen displays a detailed image of what is beneath. It’s simple to set up and can function in salt water up to 750 feet deep and freshwater up to 1,600 feet deep. The cost is also fair.

  1. Superior GPS/GLONASS Detector

A dependable GPS is a must-have for jet ski fishing. Waterways may be challenging to navigate even in the best conditions, so any aid that can be applied is welcome.

Superior GPS/GLONASS Detector

Since you’ll be out on the water, a waterproof GPS is a must-have piece of equipment. If you’re in the market for a waterproof GPS device, your best budget option is the Garmin GPSMAP.

The combination of a Global Positioning System (GPS) and a chart plotter makes it ideal for storing and revisiting favourite fishing areas. Entering the desired starting and ending places facilitates navigation between different points. This GPS is not only submersible, but it also floats!

  1. Canopy

When going fishing, having a jet ski canopy is a must. It’ll shield you from the sun’s rays, making afternoon fishing trips much more bearable.

Despite not being popular, so you won’t see many of them, they have some great uses!

With this, the Sea-Doo Spark can travel up to 35 miles per hour (56 kilometres per hour). It’s simple to detach and take to the beach with you.

Obtaining a high-quality jet ski boat top may be challenging, but you can do it. Converting your boat might be an intelligent decision, but it depends on the model.

  1. Boat Conversion Kit

Your jet ski may become a fully functional boat with the help of a conversion kit. It’s up to you to decide what kind of conversion you want, and there are only a select few businesses that provide it.

But, with all that extra room, fishing is much more convenient, especially when more than one person is involved.

Be advised that your jet ski will never again have the same responsiveness or attain the same dizzying speeds it once did. If that’s a cost you’re willing to bear, then converting your jet ski for fishing is a fantastic idea.

Installation of stabilizer kits, or collars as frequently called, is a simplified method that works well for jet ski fishing. These are mounted on the side of the jet ski to improve its steadiness and provide additional storage space. These are of fibreglass or inflatable material. This location features an inflated replica.

But these Kommander Fishing Pods are our absolute favourites (check out the video below to see why). They’re built of lightweight fibreglass and have additional storage pods without negatively impacting the vehicle’s handling or performance.

  1. Boat Safety Equipment Rescue Board

If you want to catch big fish, you’ll need more than a cooler to get them back to the shore.

A rescue sledge would be helpful in such a situation. A sledge may be used to easily transport fish back to shore once they have been drawn onto it.

It’s simple to connect and detach, and its inflatable, too; Sayok has done it again.

Boat Safety Equipment Rescue Board
  1. Glove fasteners

A surprising addition to our list, but one that is not without appeal. A glove clip or two is an excellent addition to your ski equipment. There should ideally be two, one in front and one in behind.

You will likely be cycling between several fishing spots in a single day, and your focus will shift back and forth between riding and fishing. You’ll need to find a place to clip your gloves because they’re two distinct styles. Given this, it’s clear that this is one of the most underappreciated accessories available.

Glove fasteners
  1. Carry-On Dry Bag

In the world of water, not everything you need will be watertight. One should always carry a dry bag to protect their belongings from becoming wet.

Dry bags are waterproof bags used to keep objects that are better off not getting wet. They’re perfect for carrying important stuff such as mobile phones, wallets, and other papers.

There are many different sizes and styles of dry bags available, but Earth Pak makes an exceptionally stylish satchel-style bag. There is only one strap that can be removed, so getting in and out is a breeze.

Unfortunately, many dry bags do not come with straps, which makes transport over greater distances problematic. The Earth Pak dry bag has an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap, making it convenient to carry all day.

The Earth Pak also includes a universal waterproof mobile phone cover, making it a complete package.

Carry-On Dry Bag
  1. Solar Power Charger

The need for a solar charger is directly proportional to the amount of time spent fishing. If you plan on spending many days on the lake, you may struggle to keep your electronic devices charged.

Solar chargers aren’t required gear for fishing, although they can be helpful. If you have a portable electronic gadget like a phone, Bluetooth speaker, or GPS unit, then you need a solar charger, and Anker manufactures one of the best on the market.

The Anker solar charger is versatile due to its three movable joints, setting it apart from other solar chargers. You may stretch out across the seat of your jet ski, or wherever else you happen to be, to get some sun. It may be easily folded up and put away after each use.

Solar Power Charger
  1. Telescoping Paddle

It’s general knowledge that fish will flee at the sound of a jet ski motor or any other loud noise.

You may make a more leisurely approach to your fishing place with the help of a telescopic paddle. With a little paddle, you can go where you need to go without cramming the motor.

A telescoping paddle is not only one of the more valuable fishing equipment but also a handy tool to have about. It won’t take up much room in your luggage and will be invaluable in the event of a mechanical failure.

Telescoping Paddle


Making a jet ski fishing gear requires no special skills or knowledge. Everyone has their own quirks and tastes. Get (or build) whatever equipment you think will improve your jet ski fishing experience the most. Ultimately, what matters most is that you make the most of your time on the water.

Don’t pass on the latest jet ski models created with fishing in mind if you’re an avid angler on the hunt for a new machine.

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