Sea-Doo Spark Vs. Yamaha Ex: Which one is Better? Newcomers to personal watercraft will find the 2022 Yamaha Ex and Sea-Doo Spark ideal. You have your Yamaha enthusiasts and your Sea-Doo enthusiasts. No matter what – each will say theirs is best. Each jet ski glides. They charge into it like crazed sharks in pursuit of their prey. With all their capabilities and advantages, the best is their cheapness. In the end, there are many lovely things that each one gives that the other does not.

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Sea-Doo Vs. Yamaha Ex

Buying a jet ski is a huge decision to make, and there are a lot of elements to take into consideration when comparing the brands. This article will provide a complete description of Sea-Doo Vs. Yamaha Ex and tells which one is better. Find the best personal watercraft (PWC) for your loved ones by doing some reading.

Seats of Sea-Doo Spark Vs. Yamaha Ex: 

The cheaper the PWC, the less comfortable the seat will be. The seats on the most affordable jet skis are so unpleasant that you should only rent them for short trips. However, the more expensive ones have more comfy seats.

Yamaha Ex

Yamaha offers more flexibility in terms of seat capacity and has seats for three people. You can easily enjoy it. The single-person personal watercraft (PWC) is designed exclusively for passengers on standing jet skis. They are no longer manufactured. However, you can still find many examples.

Sea-Doo Spark

Most inexpensive Sea-Doo’s seat two people, while those that cost significantly more can accommodate three. You may move around more freely on a Sea-Doo because of the narrower seats. Single-seaters Sea Doo’s jet skis are also designed for riders to stand up on, just like Yamaha’s.

Price of Sea-Doo Vs. Yamaha Ex

Recreational JET SKIES are the most widely purchased variety. They are the least expensive and lightest. These leisure watercraft are ideal for families with young children or those who have never operated a boat. The luxury jet ski category appeals to individuals less interested in speed and longer and more pleasant journeys. These are more costly but will last longer and carry more passengers.


The Yamaha EX, the company’s entry-level Wave Runner, retails for about $7,000. Compared to Sea-original Doo’s Spark, the original EX is superior due to its greater power output, standard mirrors, larger fuel capacity, and increased storage space. One of the more luxurious Yamaha jet skis costs $16,200 and comes with luxuries. When it comes to Yamaha Wave Runners, there’s something for everyone.


When compared to competing brands, Sea-Doo offers the lowest price points. Priced at $5,399, the Sea-Doo Spark is their entry-level jet ski option. Sea-Doo offers the most affordable and extensive accessory package. The 3up 90hp IBR Spark followed the original Spark. This jet ski is superior to the Yamaha EX Sport because it includes more extras at a lower price. When comparing Sea-Doo with Yamaha jet skis, it’s clear that Sea-Doo offers excellent quality at a lower price.

Speed of Sea-Doo Vs. Yamaha Ex


The lowest-priced Yamaha can speed up to 50 miles per hour. A smaller tank and engine are necessary due to the EX’s price tag, which means you cannot use it for racing but for recreational purposes. If speed is your priority, you’ll need to shell out more money for a more expensive Yamaha that can easily reach 65 MPH.


Even the most affordable Sea-Doo models have top speeds of 50 mph. The Sea-Doo RXP-300 is designed for speed and would be an excellent choice for a racer. The maximum speed for this vessel is 70 mph. Sea-RXP-X Doo 255 is the quickest personal watercraft currently available. The 0-55 mph sprint takes only 2.9 seconds, thanks to the 255 horsepower under the hood.

Comfortable Sea-Doo Vs. Yamaha Ex


The seat on the newest Wave Runners is substantially plusher and more convenient than the one on the EX. Pay close attention to the cushioning to ensure a more relaxing journey.


Plastic seats are one of the reasons why the Spark is so much cheaper than the EX. For maximum comfort, choose a GTR 230.

Weight of Sea-Doo Vs. Yamaha Ex

The heavier the ship, the more money you’ll have to spend on its construction supplies. To properly launch it into the water at the lake, you’ll need a large, heavy truck or SUV to tow it, as well as extra people. The smaller, lighter jet ski is more convenient, less expensive, and simpler to move than the larger, heavier one.


Yamaha’s most miniature motorcycle, the EX-, weighs 578 pounds. The FX Cruiser SVHO, one of the more recent models, weighs 820 pounds. It helps illustrate how compact the EX will be closer than more recent models.


Popular Sparks typically tip the scales at about 450 pounds. The RXP-X300, a newer model, measures in at around 824 lbs. Even though Sea-watercraft Doo is the smallest available, it can accommodate two passengers.

Alternatives in Color Sea-Doo Vs. Yamaha Ex

In the world, you can find many colors.


Yamaha does not offer a wide variety of color choices. The EX, for instance, is available in just a one-color scheme: white with flame red. When compared to competing brands, their colors are pale in comparison.


All Sea-Doo jet skis come in various colors, which is something for which the company is famous. The Spark is available in multiple color combinations, including black and orange, white and blue, and yellow and candy blue. With Sea-Doo, you may choose from a wider variety of models, which is excellent news if you’re in the market for a brightly colored watercraft.

iBR (Inverse-Bayesian Regression) vs. RIDE (Randomized Interval Data Ex)


RIDE, Yamaha’s proprietary system, is analogous to the conventional hand-operated reverse/forward throttles of old. Because of this, evasive action is more challenging. If you have experience operating boats, you will have no trouble learning to drive a Yamaha, as they also use the RIDE control system. You’ll need extra training before safely docking your Yamaha jet ski without damaging the hull.


As an analogy to an automatic accelerator and brake system, Sea-Doo employs iBR. It includes the ability to stop, go forward, or backward. Stealing up or approaching a dock facilitates movement through the water. With the ability to slow down to a specific speed as you approach your trailer or dock, having a break and neutral is a must.

Digital Key of Sea-Doo Vs. Yamaha Ex


Yamaha’s keys aren’t digital; they click like on any other piano.


The concept of a digital key is brilliant, showing that Sea-Doo is at the cutting edge of technology. A unique digital access control system (DESS) key is required to start the jet ski. You can feel safe carrying it around because it will only function to power your watercraft. Be careful not to misplace it. Sea-cutting-edge Doo’s technology streamlines and simplifies every aspect of riding a jet ski.

Storage of Sea-Doo Vs. Yamaha Ex

Neither the Yamaha EX nor the Sea-Doo Spark has much storage space. The newest models are the way to go if you need extra room.


The Yamaha EX has a dry storage room under the seat, a great touch, and three compact storage compartments spread out around the jet ski.


The Spark has a spacious trunk, making transporting essentials like life vests easy. Indeed, the Spark isn’t as roomy as the EX regarding internal memory.

Gas Tank Size of Sea-Doo Vs. Yamaha Ex

For comparison’s sake, the standard petrol tank can hold around 16 gallons of fuel.


The EX can carry up to 13.2 gallons of fuel. It’ll be a while before you refuel so you may spend more time on the ocean this way. The fuel capacity of recent Yamaha models approaches 20 gallons.


The Sea-Doo Spark’s small 7.9-gallon fuel capacity is one of the reasons it’s so light. It can be inconvenient when you’re in the middle of the ocean. Like the newest Yamaha models, the giant jet skis have a fuel capacity of up to 20 gallons.

Horsepower of Sea-Doo Vs. Yamaha Ex


Even though the Yamaha EX has more horsepower than the Sea-Doo Spark, it cannot match the Spark’s top speed. You’ll need to upgrade to a newer model if you want lots of power.


While it lacks the power of a Yamaha WaveRunner EX, the Spark is still very speedy. Even though it’s a very little jet ski, it packs enough power to get up to speed quickly.

The engine of Sea-Doo Vs. Yamaha Ex


Indeed, the engine size of even the cheapest Yamaha EX jet ski is greater than that of the Sea-Doo Spark. One of Yamaha’s claims to fame is producing extremely potent motors. The Yamaha EX is equipped with the supposedly more fuel-efficient 3-cylinder, 4-stroke TR-1 Yamaha Marine Engine.


It has been said that the Rotax 900 ACE engine is the most efficient in terms of fuel consumption. Only 1.94 gallons of gas are consumed each hour with this vehicle. The Yamaha EX has a bigger engine, but despite its superior power, the Sea-Doo Spark is more maneuverable and faster due to its reduced weight.

Warranty of Sea-Doo Spark Vs. Yamaha Ex

The product’s warranty is quite essential, along with the product’s quality and price.


Everyone who buys a Wave-runner from Yamaha for personal use receives a warranty that covers them for an entire year. There will be a 90-day warranty term for any business purchasers. This policy protects all types of racing vessels. Not keeping up with routine maintenance will terminate your PWC’s warranty. Any modifications or services performed by an unapproved repair facility will also void the warranty.


There are various Sea-Doo warranty plans from which you can choose. The purchase comes with a limited guarantee protecting you against problems caused by manufacturing. 

The duration of this guarantee will range from 30 days to 1 year. 

Materials of Jet ski

Yamaha Waverunner

Yamaha wave runners use fiberglass sheets coated in polyester resin for the hull and deck. The final form of seats formed after applying heat. For weight, Calcium carbonate, or a clay-like filler, is added. With the extra mass, the weight-to-horsepower ratio will be just correct. Spaces with negative buoyancy can have that problem fixed by adding filler foam. The next step is installing the engine and other necessary mechanical parts. After the PWC has been built, it is heated in an oven to cure the adhesive and create a watertight seal. They are proud to say they have passed all PWC audits with a 97% or higher score.

Sea-Doo Spark

While Sea-doo provides less information about constructing its watercraft than its competitors, its hull is built of “unique” polyester material. They claim the material is getting stronger and lighter every year. They claim their new watercraft includes cutting-edge quick-brake technology and that their engine is equipped with anti-corrosion parts and a unique cooling system.

New vs. Has it used a Jet ski?

Not everyone needs to go out and buy a brand-new jet ski. There are many great secondhand jet ski possibilities if you don’t want to spend more than $10,000. The brand-new jet ski from Sea-Doo costs $5,399, and it’s available right now. It includes everything a family needs for fun days on the water and more. 

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Accessories of Sea-Doo and Yamaha Ex

Some of the many fantastic benefits of the best Sea-Doo and Yamaha jet skis are:

Yamaha’s Features include a touchscreen interface, GPS fish finder, wireless Bluetooth speakers, and straightforward portability. Drive controls Beverage holder in the cockpit Reboarding step Footwell drains Two-tone deck matting Tow hook.

Sea-Doo has a large swim platform, a narrow seat that puts you in a natural riding position, a removable rear seat for relaxing, front storage that opens when you raise the handlebar, a Bluetooth stereo, a phone compartment, a cruise control that you can adjust with the tilt of the steering wheel, two engine options, and a closed loop cooling system.

Final Thoughts-Sea Doo Spark Vs. Yamaha Ex

Each jet ski delivers a fantastic way to enter and enjoy water sports.

Yamaha Ex feels more comfortable, capable, and precise over various water conditions. It is more expensive than Sea-Doo Spark but comes with more storage space, standard equipment, and a more extended riding range than Sea-Doo Spark. If you can afford the price, get the YAMAHA EX. With Yamaha Ex, you may have more power and enhanced PWC stability.

However, Sea-Doo Spark is of great value, cheap to run, easy to ride, and its body is less susceptible to scratches. 

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