What is a Tracking device for a jet ski?

The most common function of a tracking device for a jet ski is anti-theft protection. If anyone steals a Jet ski or other vessel, these inexpensive and small gadgets may be concealed anywhere within your jet ski, allowing you to get them back. As soon as anyone moves the jet ski, the tracker will send you an alert and provide real-time location data, which you can see on your mobile device.

Not only will the Jet Ski tracker prevent your vehicle from being stolen, but it will also record your travels in detail, including the distance and speed of each leg of your journey. Simple geofence warning zones may be set up around your boat or jet ski, alerting you whenever the vessel moves. It requires low energy consumption. You may also look at The best jet ski for fishing and The Best GPS for jet ski

Installation of Tracking device for a jet ski

The best tracking device for a jet ski is compact, waterproof, and durable, making it ideal for various environments. The best tracking device for a jet ski never shuts off, offering security whether you’re on the water or it is towing behind a vehicle. Mounting holes are there for a more permanent installation, but you may use the various elastic bands you already have to secure your fuel tank, batteries, etc.

Instructions to Use the Tracking device for a jet ski

For optimal performance, please keep it away from any metal or concrete structures, as with any GPS receiver. When the device is underground or blocked by large metal or solid objects, it will not function as intended.

Best Tracking device for a Jet Ski

This article will examine some of the best tracking devices for a jet ski. Discover the main benefits and why it is so important.

1. AMERICALOC 300 Mini Portable Real Time Personal and Vehicle GPS Tracking device for a jet ski

AMERICALOC 300 Mini Portable GPS Tracker can be used on your jet ski and other vehicles, such as your car and boat. This gadget will alarm the instant your jet ski moves, so you’ll know if it’s being pushed out of your garage or stolen. While in motion, it updates its position every minute. Allows users to choose their preferred location update interval (60, 30, or 10 seconds) at no extra cost.

Features & Specifications

Pros & Cons

The battery life is so good that it gives us a month between charges at a 30-second ping rate. This GPS unit, which has worked well,
Exponentially well-manufacturing device.Somehow gave us a false reading
Forget about having to deal with a tracker the size of a brick and challenging to conceal.
Tracks routes on the map

2. Brickhouse Security Spark Nano 7

Brickhouse Security Spark Nano 7 is one of the smallest GPS trackers available. It is a popular alternative to the Americaloc. Since it runs on 4G technology, you’ll enjoy much-improved coverage throughout the United States and Canada. Since the case is magnetic, you may keep it in your car’s engine compartment; however, I recommend using duct tape to prevent it from slipping accidentally. 

Features & Specifications

Pros & Cons

Easy to activateDepends on clear weather & surroundings
Accurate and excellent customer serviceInstructions for setup the tracker is not much
Good quality and ReliableIntended for only large vehicles
Reasonable prices

3. Hidden Magnetic GPS Tracker Car Tracking Device

Hidden Magnetic GPS Tracker Device, a fabulous model, pairs with your smartphone to track your GPS or any marine vessel. Installation is super easy, and it takes just 10 seconds. Note: You’ll need to pay for a monthly plan, but you can set up a range of devices for the same price, meaning you can track your motorcycle, car, boat, and even more comprehensive tools, such as a lawnmower.

Features & Specifications

Easy installation & 100% AccuracyThe biggest hurdle is getting the account activated 
Simply attach a magnetic surface to the vehicle.Alerts work. However, they are a bit slow
Long-lasting Battery life
This tracker is exceptionally accurate.
Minimal and easy to hide inside the trunk 

4. Amcrest GPS GL300 GPS Tracker for Vehicles (4G-LTE)

Amcrest GPS GL300 GPS Tracker for Vehicles (4G LTE) is a marine-specific model, which is the cheapest on this list. I prefer the other options listed above, but this one is compact and has a 14-day battery. One of the most incredible things is that you can use it to track others, such as kids and dogs, who are on the boat ramp.

Features & Specifications

Pros & Cons

Great and accurate GPS trackerCould not get it to work in Ontario, Canada,
Easily pinpointedneed LTE or 5GCustomer service is not good
The software for Android was straightforward to find, install, and use without any prior instructionExpensive for a monthly subscription
The small and light deviceMust be able to recharge the tracker
Accurate with the 4GLong battery life.
Strong and reliable signal strength
Text notifications for several options

5. Oyster 4G/5G Cat-M1 Waterproof GPS Tracking Device

The Oyster LTE gathers location data and provides GPS service using a combination of satellite positioning system (GPS) and mobile phone tower triangulation. For this gadget to function, you’ll need a 4G or 5G Cat-M1 cellular connection and an unobstructed sky view. If you update your location daily, you may expect your battery to last five years. It’s convenient to install the device and then forget it since the battery life is so long. During travel, this tracker is set to update its location data every 5 minutes automatically. The more the asset’s mobility, the shorter its battery life. Fees from LoneStar Tracking start at $149.95 yearly. It’s easy to set up, fast, reliable, and works across North America without needing cables.  

Features & Specifications

Best battery-Operated GPSIt has a hard time getting a GPS signal
Overall, a sturdy ProductTook much time for it to register on the app after activation
Have excellent Tech support
Easily hide inside the vehicle

6. Yabby3 5G Cat-M1 Battery GPS Tracker

The Yabby3 is our smallest and most durable GPS/GNSS tracker. Its three-year battery life on three AAA batteries is unmatched in the industry. Features identical to those of the Oyster Tracking system. The Yabby may be hidden almost anywhere due to its small size (3.30 x 2.50 x 1 inch). 

Features & Specifications

Pros & Cons

AAA Batteries work great in cold temperatures Provides coverage only in North America
Superlight and small & Works GreatWorks on specific mobile networks 
Amazing Custom service
Get instant SMS when someone touches the vehicle or jet ski

7. Remora2 – The long-life battery-powered GPS tracking device

It is the best tracking device for a jet ski. If you care about battery life, the Remora2 is your best choice. It provides you, Long-term asset tracking, sensor/tag monitoring, theft recovery GPS tracking device with a battery life of up to 10 years, and tamper detection.

Product Features and specifications

 Pros & Cons

Small and superlight sizelittle expensive
Amazing battery lifeOperates only in North America

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Tracking Device for a jet ski

Jet Ski Tracking GPS systems are not like other GPS devices. The best tracking device for a jet ski must be able to function reliably in harsh environments. If you’re in the market for a new jet ski tracking GPS, keep these items in mind:


Some GPS devices may cost as much as $1,000, which is out of budget for most individuals. It would be best if you didn’t have to spend more than a few hundred dollars on a good jet ski GPS.

Use multiple navigation systems

These days, electronic gadgets are loaded with features. It would be best if you are looking for a device that supports numerous satellite navigation systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, etc.), allows you to create waypoints, stores your position, and can update without much hassle.

Power Retention

It’s also essential to have long battery life.


A GPS should be straightforward to use. What separates the best gadgets from the others is usually the quality of their user interface design. Generally, the most prominent brands have the best user interfaces since they have the resources to spend on their creation.


A GPS unit mounted on a jet ski will likely get a bumper occasionally. A decent jet ski GPS should be rugged in addition to being waterproof. The requirement is just that it be sturdy enough to withstand the everyday stresses of use.

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