Kayak fishing is a fun and inexpensive way to get into fishing. In the article, we review the best fishing kayaks under $1000.

What are fishing kayaks?

Fishing kayaks vary from regular kayaks. A fishing kayak has two or three-rod holders under the seat, so you don’t drop them. They provide additional storage to keep your stuff dry while on the water. Due to their broader width and tiny stature, fishing kayaks are more stable while sitting than touring/recreational kayaks. It means that even if you can’t swim, you can remain afloat and be rescued if anything goes wrong.

What to Look for in the best fishing kayaks?

Best fishing kayaks under $1000

The following list of kayaks is not ranked in any order. Various brands and models provide different features and advantages, so selecting the finest fishing kayak under $1000 is crucial. We compared eight choices to help you decide.

Comparison Table of the best fishing kayaks under $1000-Short summary

Prices might fluctuate, so act quickly to obtain the best discounts.

Perception Outlaw 11.5 High-Density PolyethyleneSit on11’6″35″77lb425lbAmazon
Perception Pescador Pro 12 High-Density PolyethyleneSit on12′32.5″57lbs375lbsAmazon
Old Town Topwater 106 Angler Fishing KayakHigh-Density Polyethylene Sit on12′33.582lb500lbAmazon
3 Waters Kayaks Big Fish 105High-Density Polyethylene Sit on10’6″33.5″89380Amazon
FeelFree Moken 12.5 Kayak High-Density Polyethylene Sit on12’6″32″85lb400lbAmazon
Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120High-Density Polyethylene Sit On10’6″3263lbs350lbsAmazon
Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak  High-Density PolyethyleneSit on10′31″54lbs275lbsAmazon
Pelican Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak High-Density Polyethylene Sit on10′30″50lbs325lbsAmazon

Best fishing kayaks under $1000-Detailed review

1. Perception Outlaw 11.5 Fishing Kayak

The Perception Outlaw offers several unique fishing features. Its superb stability, high seat, and wide-open deck make it a fantastic fishing platform—one of the best fishing kayaks under $1000.

Perception Outlaw 11.5, released in 2019, provides exceptional stability, standability, and a simple yet fascinating feature set at a competitive price range. Besides, this Kayak’s features aren’t mind-blowing. It emphasizes simplicity, an open deck, and snag-free fishing.

It’s light for a fishing kayak, so it’s easy to travel and store. Oversized molded-in carry handles in the bow and stern, plus two side handles, give a solid grip and strapping spots for secure transport. Moreover, the maximum capacity should be enough for an average adult and all the gear you need for a day of fishing.

Because of its clean, expansive deck, it’s an easy-to-stand-on fishing kayak. Hence, It’s great for fly or sight fishing; this boat’s high-only seat and lack of movable footrests indicate it wasn’t designed for speed and distance. The 35-inch beam doesn’t promise tremendous speed, but the dual-arch hull shape cruises well. Tri-keel hull with an enlarged middle keel, especially in the bow, provides excellent tracking. Hence, it helps the Kayak cut through the water and maintain direction.

Perception Outlaw 11.5 lacks mobility and works well in shallow, slow-moving rivers, lakes, and ponds.

Hence, the Outlaw 11.5 is great for individuals who seek simplicity and a snag-free fishing experience. Stable as well as walkable, it’d make a fantastic fly-fishing kayak.

Technical Specs of the Fishing kayaks

Size11’6″ length & 35″ Width
Carrying Capacity425lbs
Bottle holders2
MaterialHigh-Density Polyethylene
Perception Outlaw 11.5 Fishing Kayaks
Perception Outlaw 11.5 sit on Fishing Kayak.

Pros & Cons of the kayaks

Available in three different models (Dapper, Fossil Tan, Moss camo)Not very fast
Highly stable No footrest
Comfortable, fantastic, and very breathable seat
Deck walkable
Nothing to snag on
Configurable Storage

2. Perception Pescador Pro 12 Fishing Kayak

Perception Pescador Pro 12.0  kayak costs under $1000. The Perception Pescador Pro 12 is a beautiful spot to start baiting and catching in a smaller sailboat.

In addition, Perception Pescador Pro 12.0 has a stadium-style seat with high and low options, a fish finder-ready center pod, Yak Attack gear rails, bow and stern tank wells, flush-mount rod holders, adjustable footrests, keel-protecting skid plate. You can also detach the seat and use it as a beach chair.

This 12-footer is perfect for long distances, particularly in stormy conditions or when the wind comes up. Consequently, it is fast, stable, simple to operate (even in small spaces), and sturdy for beginners.

Perception Pescador Pro 12 excels in all circumstances.

The Pescador Pro 12’s 32.5-inch beam is stable while sitting, but it’s not ideal for stand-up fishing.

If you fish in confined spaces or tiny rivers, choose the Pescador Pro 10.0

Technical Specs of the kayaks

Size12′ lengths and 32.5″ width
Weight 64lbs
Capacity 375lbs
Deck Height14.5″
MaterialHigh-density polyethylene
Propulsion Peddle
Price $1059
Warranty 5-Years limited warranty
 Perception Pescador Pro 12 kayaks
 Perception Pescador Pro 12 Fishing Kayak

Pros & Cons of the Fishing kayaks

Superior StabilityLack of drive, so not best for ocean fishing Kayak
Rod holders and gear tracksLess number of Foot braces than required for kayaking
Maximum Storage, Comfortable Seat
Easy to maneuver
Perfect for beginners

3. Old Town Topwater 106 Angler Fishing Kayak

Old Town Topwater 120 is a tiny fishing kayak designed for fishermen. The Topwater 120 combines stability, comfort, and maneuverability. It’s developed particularly from experience what fishermen desire in terms of performance while fishing from standing positions.

In addition, you receive a universal no-drill fish finder mounting system, a high/low frame seat, a watertight bow door, two gear tracks, three flush-mount rod holders, adjustable footrests, EVA deck pads, tackle storage, and rudder-readiness.

The Old Town Topwater 106 Kayak is perfect for relaxing water days. Its Double U Hull Design makes the water travel quiet and smooth, offering pontoon-style stability and agility on flat water. EVA foam deck pads provide stability for stand-up fishing. The Element Air seat is adjustable in high and low settings, so we may cast or stroke comfortably without blocking the air. Moreover, a strap between the foot bracing makes standing and sitting easier. Three-rod holders and integrated storage keep tackle and other gear. The universal transducer mounting method allows us to modify our yacht.

Old Town Topwater 120 won’t win any races, but speed isn’t for what people purchase it. This boat may be for you if capacity, stability, and comfort are priorities.

There’s also a shorter, lighter type, Old Town Topwater 106, with a 440-lb capacity.

Technical Specs of the Fishing kayaks

Size12′ length and 33.5″ width
MaterialHigh-density polyethylene
Gear MountTwo gear tracks
Seat TypeElementAir System
Warranty 5-Years limited warranty
Old Town Topwater Fishing Kayaks
Old Town Topwater Fishing Kayak

Pros & Cons of the Fishing kayaks

Stable stand-up Fishing KayakNot very fast
Comfortable SeatA little bit heavier
Huge storage capacityIt does not come with a rudder
Great Kayak for an affordable price
Can use Everyone (beginner, intermediate, experienced)

4. FF 3 Waters Kayaks Big Fish 105

FF 3 Waters Big Fish 105 is smaller than Big Fish 120, yet it offers lots of value. This Kayak has exceptional stability, an adjustable seat, and attachments. Furthermore, it is an excellent alternative for more prominent fishermen who desire a stable small kayak.

Stability makes this Kayak popular with anglers. The Big Fish 105’s cathedral tri-hull shape makes it suitable for more prominent anglers seeking an affordable yak.

This Kayak’s hull design has two outside pontoons and a middle pontoon separated by deep channels. The Big Fish 105’s reinforced deck makes standing and moving about easy.

Big Fish 105’s seat is also fantastic. Seat height and backrest tilt are simply adjustable. When standing, the seat folds away to become a seedy bar.

The 105 has enough storage. The Big Fish 105 has an open bow, stern, and lots of space around the gunwales for rapid water access.

There are two molded handles, two rear flush-mounted rod holders, and rod tip covers.

With the Big Fish 105, you can install electronics in the boat’s distinctive sonar pod or remove it to create a place for a trolling motor in a convenient, easy-to-reach spot.

An adjustable rudder may be fitted to the Big Fish 105 to give fishermen the same control and maneuverability as a bigger kayak.

Technical Specs of the Fishing kayaks

Size10’6 length and 33.5″ width
Weight 89lbs
Capacity 380lbs
Material High-density polyethylene
Propulsion Paddle
Gear Mount 4 Uni-Track accessory rails
Seating EZ Rider seat
3 Waters Kayaks Big Fish 105 Kayaks

Pros & Cons of the Fishing Kayak

Excellent stabilityLittle bit heavier
Highly comfortableNot Speedy Kayak
Good Tracking KayakIt does not come with a trail rudder
Enough storageThe seat is ideal but not enough long-lasting
Superb Packing

5. FeelFree Moken 12.5 Kayak

FeelFree Moken 12.5 V2 enhances fishing excursions. This Kayak has rod tip guards, a retractable Sonar Pod, an adjustable EZ Rider seat, and FeelFree’s Wheel in the Keel.

As with other Feelfree kayaks, the Moken 12.5 comes with Uni-Track accessory rails, flush-mounted rod holders, and a big tank well to carry fishing gear or a cooler.

The new 2022 Moken 12.5 V2 is stable and quick enough for more giant lakes and coastal waterways; it’s also comfortable on rivers and tiny ponds.

Technical Specs of the Fishing kayaks

Size12′ 6″ length and 32 ″ width
Capacity 400lbs
Speed3.5 mph
Propulsion Paddle
Gear Mounts4 Uni-Track accessory rails
FeelFree Moken 12.5 Fishing Kayaks
FeelFree Moken 12.5 Kayak

Pros & Cons of the Fishing kayaks

Large storage capacityNot good for standing
Well TrackingA bit heavier
Fast, Maneuverable & FastNo peddle drive option
Easier to transport
Numerous Features with well worthwhile price

6. Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120

The best fishing kayak under $1000 is the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120. This baby is worth every penny, despite its price.

This sit-on-top fishing kayak offers comfort and flexibility with loads of storage, cushioned footrests, and an adjustable seat. Easy to get into and steady on the water.

The large, padded footrest is for support, and the easy-to-adjust locking lever is for different-sized paddlers.

Removable Dry Tec Dry box stores wallets, phones, keys, and other valuables; sectioned storage tray to store sunscreen, fishing lures, and snacks.

Sidetracks let you personalize your Kayak for fishing, filming, or other accessories.

This fishing kayak is perfect for lakes, rivers, and the ocean.

Technical Specs of the Fishing kayaks

Size12 lengths and 30 ″ widths
Available colors4
PaddlesNo Paddle included
Warranty5-Year Warranty
Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 Fishing Kayaks
Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 Fishing Kayak

Pros & Cons of the Fishing kayaks  

Faster and tracks wellNot having the stable standing option
Stable and outstanding for regular paddlingNo Wrapping for protection on a kayak
Comfortable, easy to maneuver, plenty of storage
The dry storage box is a nice feature.

7. Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100

Life Tamarack Angler 100 kayak is one of the best fishing kayaks for under $1000. It is a good option for casual fishermen who don’t mind a modest boat.

Coming in at under $500, this fishing kayak is simple yet effective. Two 6-inch storage compartments are in the boat’s rear and middle, along with a top-mounted rod holder. It also includes an adjustable and cushioned seat (though users claim it’s not as comfy as more expensive versions) and lots of flexibility to personalize for comfort and aesthetics.

This affordable Kayak comes with a paddle and is stable and durable.

Technical Specs of the Fishing kayaks

Size10′ length and 31″ width
Weight 54lbs
Capacity 275lbs
Material Plastic
Warranty 5-Years
Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayaks
Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100

Pros & Cons of the Fishing kayaks

Great QualityGood only for beginners
Super stable and not slippery in waterHarder to paddle than longer kayaks
Easy to fish in
Great for beginners

8. Pelican Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak

Pelican Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak, a lightweight, ergonomic Pelican fishing kayak, is around $1000. This boat’s multi-Chine flat bottom hull shape ensures stability, easy tracking, and agility.

Besides this, a fast-lock hatch at the front of the ship, a day hatch with a storage bag, and a bungee-secured storage platform provide enough storage. It makes it ideal for longer excursions.

Moreover, the Kayak has a swivel rod holder, twin flush mount rod holders, a water bottle holder, paddle storage, and accessory eyelets.

In addition, it has adjustable footrests, and seat cushions are for all-day comfort.

Technical Specs of the Fishing kayaks

Size10′ length and 30″ width
Weight 50lbs
Capacity 325lbs
Material ‎Plastic
ColorOlive Camo
 Pelican Sit-on-top Fishing Kayaks
Pelican Sit on top Fishing Kayak

Pros & Cons of the Fishing kayaks

StableRod holder’s quality is not good
Easy to fish out ofThe seating position is low
Sturdy & Comfortable
Lightweight & Easy to carry

Factors to be considered before buying a Fishing Kayak

You’re probably just starting if you’re searching for the best fishing kayak under $1000. Fishing doesn’t need anything special. Suppose you’re not going far or fishing in choppy water. Here are some kayak purchase tips.

Type of Kayak (Sit-on-top or sit-in)

First, decide whether you want a sit-on or sit-in kayak. Each has pros and cons. The primary benefit of a sit-in kayak is its dryness. Those who utilize sit-on-top kayaks expect to get wet. Sit-in kayaks are often more efficient than sit-on kayaks.

Fishermen like sit-on-top kayaks. Sit-in kayaks can’t match sit-on kayaks’ storage and customization. Sit-on-tops provide extra mounting options for rod holders, rails, electronics, and other accessories. Sit-on-top kayaks are simpler to get in and out of and more comfortable overall—inflatable Vs. Hard-shell

Inflatable kayaks are portable. Hard shells perform better in speed, tracking, and distance paddling. There are both types of fishing kayaks under $1000, so your choice depends on your needs and tastes.

Solo or tandem kayaks aren’t simply about fishing with a friend. Many fishermen prefer a tandem model even if they’re traveling alone since it gives extra room for gear and equipment, plus the possibility of bringing a four-legged buddy.

There are exceptions, but most tandem kayaks under $1000 are inflatable.

Seating & Accessories of Fishing Kayaks

Seating, like pedal power, may raise the price of fishing kayaks. After the propulsion system, production and purchasing money may be spent or saved here.

Expensive kayaks offer adjustable frames, cushioning, and moisture-wicking technologies for the cockpit.

Budget kayaks save money but aren’t as comfortable on the water. Please don’t skimp on kayak seats since it may make the difference between comfort and misery, especially for lengthy fishing hours.

Hull Design for fishing kayaks

The kayak hull design is essential. Because Speed, stability, tracking, and paddling ease depend on the hull. 

New kayak fishermen are typically concerned about hull stability. Kayak stability is two-staged. Primary stability is the hull’s flat-water stability. Flat or pontoon-like hulls are highly stable and ride above the water. They have low secondary stability or leaning stability. Once these hulls tilt, it’s hard to stop them. Rounder hulls seem tippy initially but may have higher overall stability due to secondary stability. Rounder or V-shaped hulls are more stable, quicker, and nimbler, making them perfect for rougher water.

Length & Width of Fishing kayaks

Longer kayaks have three benefits. First, they’re faster if the hull design is the same. A longer kayak can carry greater weight, everything else being equal. Third, longer kayaks offer greater storage capacity.

Shorter kayaks are lighter, which makes transporting easy, particularly on an SUV or crossover. Shorter kayaks are cheaper than longer ones, so that you may get a fancier boat or more equipment.

Anglers prefer a 12-foot kayak’s speed and load rating. You may get fishing kayaks under $1000 in various lengths—cost Vs. Skills & Experience

Matching pricing with skill/experience level for a fishing kayak is better. If you’ve never kayak fished before, you don’t need all the extras.

Safety should be a concern, so be sure you can handle the craft you’re buying or the person you’re buying it for can.

To Look for the best Kayak for the money, you should also read the article ‘Best Kayak for the money.’

Summary-best fishing kayaks under $1000

Fishing kayaks provide greater flexibility without a motor. They vary in size and depth, so all ages and sizes may fish.

Consider the fishing style when purchasing a fishing kayak for under $1000. You can choose the ideal Kayak by considering hull design, weight capacity, stability, and storage space.

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