Kayaking is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of being in touch with water. Occasionally, the kayaks become old, or you can’t manage kayaking for a longer time. So, what should you do with your kayak in any of these situations? 

Well, donating your spare or old kayak to any rusted organization is the best way to handle it. Though you can dispose of it, that may not be an eco-friendly solution. Let’s see where and how to donate your kayak! 

Best Organizations to Donate a Kayak

Different nonprofit organizations work all over the world to help the needy kayakers. Also, there may be some charities, kayaking schools, or any community center working to promote kayaking. You can donate your used kayak to them for its better use. Here 6 best options for donating an older kayak; 

1- International Canoe Federation

The International Canoe Federation is a global organization working to promote kayaking and other water sports. They deserve your kayak donations to help the needy guys. So, it’s one of the best options to hand over your kayak to any trusted foundation. 

2- Team River Runner 

Team River Runner is another non-profit program to assist veteran families with kayaking donations. You can become a part of such a federation by assisting them with your kayak donations. 

3- Heroes on the Water 

Like the previously discussed organization, Heroes on the Water is another supportive program to help veterans. You can expand their program by helping them with your kayak. 

4- First Descents

First Descent is a kayaking foundation that spreads smiles on the faces of cancer and other serious illness sufferers. They need kayaks and other water sports equipment to help the patients. So, you can go for them to donate your kayak. 

5- Kayaks 4 Kidz 

If you are in Michigan or nearby areas, Kayaks 4 Kidz is the best option for you to donate a kayak. They help the underprivileged kids in the locality so they can be your destination to hand over your old kayak. 

6- Tualatin Riverkeepers

Tualatin Riverkeepers is another federation busy in protecting and restoring the Tualatin River in Oregon. You can assist them in cleaning and educational programs by donating your kayaks. 

Why Should I Donate My Kayak?

Kayaking is an interesting but expensive water and everyone can afford it. It’s the first reason if you’re wondering why you should donate your kayak. Let’s see some additional benefits of donating your kayaks to needy people; 

You can build a strong community by bringing the people around you closer with your donations. Also, you can find an amazing kayaking partner with this practice. 

Your kayak donations can make you eligible for a particular tax. It will assist the kayakers to contribute to their national funds for mutual interests. 

There may be some die-hard kayaking lovers around you who can’t afford a kayak. If you donate your kayak to such a person, it will bring unexplainable happiness to him. 

Though you can dispose of your kayak, it may not be an eco-friendly solution. Donating it will be the best way to get rid of it when preserving the environment, too. 

What to Do With Spare Kayaks? 

When your kayak is older, you want a new kayak to upgrade your ride, or you don’t have time for this sport, you need to handle your kayak. Here are the best ways to settle your kayaks in any of these situations; 

Donate to Any Trusted Organization

Donating your kayak to a trusted organization is the best way to help the needy kayakers. Those who can’t afford it will enjoy the sport with your donations. 

Dispose of Them 

You can dispose of your old or spare kayak. However, it’s not the recommended way to get rid of your kayak because it’s not an eco-friendly option. 


You can recycle your old kayak and make any useful item from its parts. Depending upon your creativity, you can utilize it according to your will. 

Essential Tips to Donate a Kayak

Donating your kayak to any trusted foundation is a deal of great kindness, but you should know the basics of kayak donations. Here are the essential tips to keep in mind; 


In conclusion, you can donate your kayaks to any local, national, or international non-profit organization. Your donation will help these organizations or schools expand their program for a good reason. Moreover, such an act will help you free up space for any of your daily use items. But ensure your kayak is in good condition, its paperwork is okay, and you are following the legal way to donate it. This way, you can earn maximum reward on your donation. 

Where Can I Donate a Kayak?


Does the kayak have to be old to be donated?

Though most people donate their old kayaks, you can donate a newer kayak as well. Most organizations look for the latest models or kayaks that are in better condition. 

Can you recycle a kayak? 

Yes, you can recycle a kayak to convert it to any useful entity. However, it can be a challenging task for you if you are a beginner. So, it’s good to hand over your kayak to a federation that’s expert in its recycling.

What are the benefits of donating a kayak? 

Donating a kayak has many benefits, like community building, assisting the needy people, and environment preservation. Above all, it’s a great way to spread smiles on the faces of kayaking lovers who can’t afford the equipment. 

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