How Much Is a Jet Ski? All Jet Ski Prices 2023

Owning a personal watercraft (PWC) like a Jet Ski may be fun if you like spending time on the water. Water enthusiasts appreciate PWCs because of their portability and ease of use compared to larger vessels. But how much is a jet ski?

How much is a Jet Ski?

The price of a jet ski is directly related to its speed, durability, and number of features. Jet ski pricing can vary depending on several factors, including the manufacturer, model, and extra features. Find out how much a jet ski may set you back in 2023. We provide price information for several brands, including Sea-Doo, Kawasaki, and Yamaha.

In 2023, the Sea-Doo Spark will be the entry-level model of jet skis, while the Kawasaki Ultra 310LX is the costliest. Further on, we’ll go into greater depth about each of these topics.

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Categories of Jet Ski

You can divide Jet skis into three categories based on their prices. 

  • Luxury Jet Ski
  • Performance Jet Ski
  • Rec-lite/ Recreation Jet Ski

How much is a Luxury Jet Ski?

How much is a jet ski a lot to do with its engine? Luxury jet skis often have a sturdier construction than standard models and a distinct hull design. Their hulls are different from those of high-performance jet skis. The resulting slower speeds but less bumpiness in the ride are the outcomes. It’s not uncommon for a luxury jet ski to match or exceed the peak speed and acceleration of a performance jet ski. Although their engines are identical. 

In comparison to performance jet skis, luxury jet skis are clumsier. Additionally, they do not respond to steering inputs or high-performance jet skis. Superior conveniences and comforts are exclusive to luxury jet skis.

Usually, the price of a luxury jet ski is between $8,000 and $20,000.  In the eyes of many riders, the higher price tag is justified by the numerous added amenities that come standard. It’s up to the individual rider’s needs and goals to decide whether the high asking fees are reasonable.w

If you’re in the market for a luxury jet ski, it’s a good idea to research the many options available from various manufacturers. You should choose the one that is the best fit for you.

How much is a performance Jet Ski?

As the name implies, performance jet skis can cover ground at breakneck speeds. They are expensive, much like luxury Jet Skies. Power sports fans like its responsive handling, rapid acceleration, and high peak speed. However, the most significant aspect of these vehicles is the supercharged engine built inside them. As with luxury Jet Skies, the purchase price of a performance jet ski reflects that it is the fastest available jet ski.

Compared to other jet skis, they can go faster, accelerate more quickly, and turn more easily. These vehicles that adventurers and fans of extreme sports like to buy.

Stand-up jet skis are the only cheaper alternative to high-performance jet skis.  Despite being classified as performance jet skis, their price is comparable to that of a recreational model. Sit-down jet skis are more expensive, but due to their size, stand-up jet skis are the most affordable kind of high-performance jet ski. They’re close in price to recreational jet skis. When compared to sit-down jet skis, they are much smaller.

Due to using a different fuel and requiring higher-end performance components, performance jet skis might have a higher cost of ownership in terms of upkeep. If maintained correctly, performance jet skis may last if any other brand. Most speed junkies are willing to shell out more cash for a more reliable boat.

How much is a Rec-lite/ Recreation Jet Ski?

The least expensive jet skis are the rec-lite/recreation Jet Ski models. All levels of riders, from novices to experts, will find them to be a pleasant experience. In addition, they are great for relaxing or participating in two sports.

Both recreational and rec-lite jet skis provide similar features. On the other hand, Rec-lite jet skis are less expensive, have fewer bells and whistles, and can be purchased for a fraction of the price. For fun, you may rent a Jet Ski for anywhere between $2,000 and $7,000.

Though not the quickest or most luxurious, they provide a good compromise that should satisfy most customers. Getting out on the lake on a recreational jet ski is a terrific opportunity to see what you like and don’t like before investing in a personal watercraft.

The prospect of upgrading may not even appeal to some individuals. People often hang on to their first jet ski for quite some time. Many drivers will eventually gravitate to recreational/rec-lite vehicles because of their lively handling and maneuverability.

Recreational and rec-lite jet skis combine the most remarkable features of both the Luxury and Performance Jet ski categories of jet Ski. You may count on them to satisfy your requirements. 

How much is a Jet Ski? Review the top brand

New jet ski prices from all the major manufacturers are included. However, you should still check with your neighborhood retailers to ensure that their stock hasn’t changed since this article was written (in September 2022)

1. How much is a Kawasaki Ultra 310LX? 

The brand-new 2022 Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310LX is the top model for the company and the most powerful Jet Ski on the water. It has a large fuel tank and 310 horsepower and can seat three people. In addition to being the quickest PWC on the market, this model is highly dependable and features a high-quality marine stereo system. They have a “supercharged 1498cc Inin-Four” for an engine.

If you’re searching for a jet ski that can deliver power and comfort, go no further than the Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310LX. The roots-type Eaton Twin Vortices Series (TVS) supercharger is one of the many benefits of the Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310LX.

Kawasaki Ultra 310LX Jet ski
Kawasaki Ultra 310LX

Specs and Features:

  • Riding Crew: 3
  • Inline-four cylinder, 1,498 CC, supercharged engine.
  • The specs are  power: 310 hp, Length: 132.7in, Weight: 1,047.4oz

How much is the Kawasaki Ultra 310LX?

  • The MSRP is $19,499, the price the manufacturer recommends selling it for.
  • $435 Destination Fee
  • Shipping and materials will cost an additional $700.
  • Because the dealer determines the destination fee, your final amount will differ from the one listed.
Pros Cons
Capable of handling difficult water conditionsAbsence of a ski pylon
Equipped with a GPS that can be mounted on the handlebars
Powerful and reliable

2. How much is a Yamaha FX Cruiser HO?

Constant and adaptable, the Yamaha FX Series Cruiser is a high-end vessel featuring spacious cabins and an available recreational deck (Rec-Deck) that converts the boat into a swimming and diving platform. Such extras may consist of, say, a reclined lounge chair.

Rather than being a high-performing PWC, this luxury craft focuses on passenger comfort. Though it has adequate power to be used for wakeboarding and other water sports, this vessel is not designed for jumps.

It’s easy to control even while going fast, and there’s a no-wake mode for those who like silence. Also, the improvement in propulsion in a specific direction makes docking a breeze (TDE). Slowly and steadily, the TDE will hum into action, both forward and backward.

The 5″ touchscreen is included and works well, so the electronics are top-notch. It has built-in GPS and cruise control, real-time performance readouts, a security lock that requires a PIN, Bluetooth connectivity (with in-built speakers), and adjustable digital settings.

Specs and Features

  • Number of Riders: 1-3
  • The four-cylinder, four-stroke, 1.8-liter engine
  • 180 horsepower
  • 140.9″ length 
  • 842 lbs dry weight

How much is Yamaha FX Cruiser HO

Without the fee for registration and the F&M Surcharge, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $15599. All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Pros Cons
Comfy Cruiser seating  Not a turbocharged
RecDeck does transform this boat into a whole lot moreIt wasn’t made to perform tricks (like slipping and doing donuts)
One of the quickest, most powerful, most practical Jet skis
With its outstanding digital systems and stable handling for two riders of all ages, this bike is perfect for any commute.

3. How much is a Sea-Doo Spark 60 HP?

The Sea-Doo Spark 60HP is an excellent approach since it is inexpensive and extensible. Intended for recreational use, it comes at less than half the price of market leaders. This PWC comes in various guises, including 2- and 3-person varieties, but they are all fundamentally the same.

The 3-up variant’s seat and platform are significantly longer to accommodate its intended maximum capacity of three passengers. The 3-up, however, can change to a 2-up and vice versa. The fantastic thing about this is the variety of add-ons and mods you can use. 

The 2-up lacks the optional sound system and the ability to reverse. But you can modify it according to your choice.

Low-priced 60 HP models use a motor, with All of Spark’s high-performance models using the same 900 ACE motor. Depending on your preference, Sea-Doo may set your 900 ACE to produce either 90HP or 120HP. The latter is the strength of the engine used in the Sea-Doo Trixx. No Spark model can be made efficient enough to function as a long-range boat by coding in the necessary efficiency. This is an excellent PWC for use in a playground setting.

How much is Sea-Doo Spark 60 HP?

  • The base price of a2-up & 3-up Sea-Doo Spark 60 HP is $7,699 & $8,899, respectively.
  • This does not include transportation costs or meal prepping.
  • A $465 commodity fee is being implemented.

Specs and Features

  • Number of Riders: 1-3
  • Three-cylinder, four-stroke engine.
  • The dry weight is 423 lb., and the length is 110 inches.
The most reasonably priced PWC in its categoryNot the most comfortable seat 
highly adaptable and upgradeableExpensive upgrades
Fantastic first jet ski Lacks some luxuries (speakers, extra storage, etc.)
Skiers and boarders can use the tow system (best with the 90 HP version)

4. How Much is a Yamaha Superjet?

As one of the earliest upright versions available, the Yamaha Superjet has remained a fan favorite. This vessel has just been upgraded with a 4-stroke engine, making it a swift, steady, and surprisingly savvy jet ski. Yamaha Superjet is a recreational activity. In 2021, Yamaha upgraded the Superjet model to a four-stroke engine, making it more straightforward to ride and more entertaining overall. It’s safe to say that at 54 mph, this model is far faster than its predecessor.

Switching to L-mode will tone down the Superjet’s ferocity as you grow used to it, allowing you to master it before unleashing its full wrath. The new and updated Yamaha SuperJet is not only more powerful and elegant, but it also uses less gasoline and is thus better for the environment and cheaper to operate. The steadiness and assurance it gives riders of all skill levels make this jet ski an excellent option for novices.

Yamaha Superjet jet ski
Yamaha Superjet

How much is Yamaha Superjet?

The base price for one is $10,499. The MSRP does not include transportation costs, dealer setup charges, or taxes. There might be a fee for having a dealer install your chosen accessories.

Specs and Features

  • Only one rider allowed: 1,049cc inline-three engine
  • Features 100 horsepower, 95.7 inches in length, and 375 pounds of weight.
Pros Cons
eco-friendly TR-1 engineReduced passenger capacity
an adjustable steering polelimited storage
lack of a need for a racing license
larger capacity gasoline tank.
this vehicle is a top (USA- all states)
mproved version available in 2021

5. How much is a Yamaha FX Cruiser SVHO?

Yamaha Cruiser SVHO has improved all models to increase their convenience, luxury, and velocity. The modern SVHO engines in these jet skis provide a robust and refined ride. Engines with Super Vortex High Output may be adjusted quickly and run smoothly and effectively. The powerful internals is fully displayed in the jet skis they produce, which are also surprisingly pleasant to ride because of the integrated cooling and air intake systems.

The Yamaha FX SVHO jet ski can carry anywhere from one to three people, and it features a fantastic color display that shows information about the F-N-R, speed, trim, and RiDE system. You can go further and enjoy more comfort on this jet ski than with any other.

How much is Yamaha FX Cruiser SVHO?

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) in the United States is $17,499.00; this price does not include local taxes or fees, transportation costs to and from the dealer (such as for shipping a car or preparing paperwork), the cost of any optional extras ( (if applicable). The initial Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and Final Purchase Price (Target Price) may change based on selected options or accessories.

Specs and Features:

  • A three-person riding capacity and a 1,812-cc inline-four supercharger are listed as features.
  • The specs are 250 horsepower, 140.9 inches in length, and 822 pounds.
Abundant extra storageThe glove box lock is ridiculously clunky
Lightning-fast acceleration thanks to the industry’s greatest displacement engine Extra maintenance is required
In-built security system
Lightweight construction
Touchscreen display measuring 7 inches

6. How much is a ORCA Electric PWC?

Taiga Motors manufactured ORCA Electric PWC. Taiga Motors has been developing electric jet skis and motors for some time, but the ORCA Electric PWC will be their entry-level offering.

To offer a more budget-friendly electric jet ski, Taiga Motors has outfitted the jet skis with a smaller 20 kWh battery pack in place of the standard 90 kW one. The more reasonably priced ORCA Electric PWC model can still achieve speeds of 37mph on the water despite having a smaller battery pack. Additionally, it can go up to 2 hours before needing a charge.

The hull’s small weight makes this vessel responsive and easy to steer in turns. If lowering your carbon footprint and gas bill are priorities, the Taiga ORCA jet ski is a great choice.

ORCA Electric PWC jet ski

How much is ORCA Electric PWC?

  • The base price of an ORCA electric PWC is $17,490.
  • For now, pre-orders are the only way to get your hands on a Taiga Orca. The Canadian e-jet ski may be reserved for $1,000.
  • Prices for the carbon fiber model are estimated to begin at around USD 24,000 (before taxes and delivery costs).

Specs & Features

  • A 25kWh battery is standard.
  • 180 horsepower, 
  • 117.6 inches in length, 
  • 588 pounds, 
  • 62 miles/hour top speed
Requires no fuelLack of charging facilities
Requires no maintenance.The maximum range of 60 kilometers (37 miles)
Environmentally beneficial
long-lasting tool is very light
It has no moving parts


Conclusion-How much is a Jet Ski?

The Sea-Doo Spark is the cheapest option, while the Kawasaki Ultra 310LX is the priciest. The cost of a jet ski varies widely from one manufacturer to another. Quality, performance, and all their ancillary characteristics fall within this category.

Every company that makes jet skis also makes more expensive models with a slew of bells and whistles. Depending on your desired characteristics, you should expect to pay for a jet ski.

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