Yamaha, a Japanese firm, produces a watercraft called a WaveRunner for recreational purposes. Originally, Yamaha WaveRunners were only available as motorbikes. Yamaha is widely regarded as the industry standard for fishing equipment. They have been making top-quality items for years. They have a stellar reputation for being high-quality, long-lasting, and trustworthy. If you want to catch more fish, you may find a wide range of items from Yamaha to assist you. 

Yamaha Waverunner Fishing Accessories

The Yamaha WaveRunner Fishing Accessories are sturdy, transportable, and aesthetically pleasing. Yamaha Waverunner Accessories are reasonably priced and are made to enhance your time spent on the water. Whatever your fishing needs, Yamaha is sure to have what you’re looking for in its extensive accessory catalogue. Yamaha offers a wide variety of fishing equipment, such as rods, reels, and lures. You can get a wide variety of hook and bait sizes to suit your needs. It’s possible to buy tackle boxes tailored to Wave Runner and other motorized watercraft fishing. You can also choose various colours to find a fitting complement to your fishing rig or boat. For more information on fishing accessories, you may also visit Jet ski fishing accessories and best jet ski for fishing.

There is a wide variety of fishing gear available for use both on land and in the water, but the following is a basic list of Yamaha Waverunner fishing accessories that you’ll need to get started fishing from the WaveRunner.

Installing a fish finder or rod holder on the dash of a Yamaha FX Series boat from 2019 to 2021

Product Description:

The base for all the Jet Ski fishing dash-mounted products. Sleek style mixed with robustness to accommodate practically everything, including the climbing of sounders up to 12″ in screen size. With this base, you also need to add the fish finder mount plate or dash mount rod holders to the left or right side of the base mount. Keep the original RAM threads so you can use them with other ram mount accessories.

Product Features:

fish finder or rod holders

Fish Finder Splash Guard

Product Description

Cover the wires and connectors on the back of your sounder to prevent water damage. Stock stiffness is additionally increased by the sleek, fashionable style. The Lowrance mounting brackets are designed to dampen vibrations in larger devices and shield the back of your device from damage and the environment. The stones that can be thrown up by the wheels of a vehicle due to the melting of road tar in the summer heat can be stopped by using a robust enough shield to protect your unit.

Product Features

Yamaha VX series 2021 – 2022 dashboard fish finder mounting / rod holder setups

Product Description

Our FX dash mount system inspired the 2021+ VX dash mount system.

A fish finder mounting plate and rod holders can be securely fastened to the left, right, or both sides of your boat once you install the base mount onto the dashboard area. Obtain a base mount and any optional attachments you’d want for each side.

Mounting plates for bolt-on fish finders are available for right- or left-hand installation, allowing you to place the device away from the Wave runner’s display while yet having it within easy reach. Less force is exerted on the unit when riding through chop when it is mounted lower, and it is also well protected from water splashes from the bow. Two different types of bolt-on rod holders—one vertical and one angled—are sturdy enough to be used for trolling without the worry of breaking or providing a convenient spot to temporarily stow a rod or net while you tend to your catch.

Yamaha VX series 2021 - 2022 dashboard fish finder mounting / rod holder setups

Product Features:

Yamaha Rear Seat Rod Holder Kits

Product Description

Two-rod holder kits contain a pair of angled rod holders that may be stowed behind the back seat for use while fishing, trolling, or cleaning your catch. You may install four-rod holders—two angled rod holders and two vertical rod holders—behind the rear seats of your jet ski so you can fish, troll, or deal with your catch without having to move the rods.

You may store six-rod holder kits, including two angled and four vertical holders, in a discrete location behind the rear seat of your jet ski. The rear platform of your ski won’t be obstructed by a cooler or a frame when you install these rod holders. Please be aware that installing this component will prevent the complete opening of the rear flush hatch.

You may take your fishing gear with you on your jet ski without having to buy a unique rack or deal with the inconvenience of installing it. 

Press-formed tubes with a gimbal pin serve as rod holders. Press shaping the tubes results in rounded top and bottom edges that won’t cut into your rod grips.

Product Features

Fish Pro LinQ Cooler Locking Tabs

Product Description

While the Fish Pro LinQ Cooler has a very sophisticated locking system that keeps it securely attached to the rear deck, the latch can become dislodged on the approach to the ramp or in rough seas, causing the cooler and its contents to tumble to the deck below.

Installing a set of LinQ Cooler locking tabs is a low-cost way to rest assured that your latches won’t come undone, regardless of whether this is due to environmental factors or user error when not engaging the LinQ latches appropriately.

Product Features

Footwell Rod Holder

Product Description

The left and right sides of the foot well rod holder for the FX and VX versions are available.

Installing the footwell rod holder uses wasted space at the front of your footwell. It provides rod holders forward of your riding position, so you can keep an eye on trolling rods without turning around every few minutes. Press-formed tubes with a pivoting pin in the center serve as rod holders. The press forming technique involves rolling the tube’s top and bottom edges to produce smooth, rounded corners that won’t scratch your rod grips.

Product Features

20L Auxiliary Fuel Tank Yamaha FX series 2019 – 2023

Product Description

The 20L Auxiliary Fuel Tank is made from lightweight and durable 3mm aluminium. The tank is mounted as low as feasible, ahead of the factory gasoline tank, in the centre, and below the waterline (when at rest). So, to prevent the ski from tipping over due to the added weight. The gasoline cap does not need to move, and you won’t have to fill two tanks separately because the auxiliary tank is plugged into the factory 2″ filler neck pipe. To keep the balance of the jet ski, its extra fuel tank will transfer its contents through the vacuum to the main tank as the engine is running.

Product Features


Get the jet ski fishing equipment that you think will be most useful to you. Don’t miss out on the latest models that were built specifically with fishing in mind if you’re in the market for a new jet ski.

A lot of the best accessories for jet ski fishing are included in the Sea Doo Fish Pro, making it a one-stop shop for your angling needs. It’s outfitted with a fish finder and GPS on the dashboard, has a sturdy hull, has room for more gear in the rear, has a cooler, has four rod holders, has a comfortable fishing seat with built-in footrests, and has storage in the front. You may also read our guidelines to find the best Jet ski for fishing. You should equip your jet ski with any fishing equipment you deem necessary. Having fun on the water is the ultimate goal of every water sport.

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